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Week 9
Program for today: ? presentations ? review homework ? Unit 4: Telephone skills ? role play ? group discussion

Explain in English
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. venues take over (added) bonuses loads of entry level nine-to-five kind of person in-house standing over it all rests with me

p.20: Advice on job applications. Listen (again) to what advice (a-h) each speaker gives, and what reasons they give.

Reasons given
Speaker: 1. ... prospective employers want ..., not just ... 2. ... personnel officers don’t want ... What happens with ‘snail mail’ applications? 3. What two pieces of advice does he mention? 4. What advice and what reason does Yukari give? 5. What advice and what is the reason Ivan gives?

Letter of enquiry
Dear Sir or Madam, I am a student of Business Administration from the University of Fribourg in Switzerland and I am writing to enquire about career opportunities within your company. Presently I am in the final year of my study, and am working on a research project concerning the innovative promotion of music. I would be most grateful if you could ...

Unit 4 Telephone skills
Ask your partner: ? Have you ever made a phone call in English? If yes, did you have any problems understanding the other person or making yourself understood? If no, what problems do you think you might have? ? Do you have any tips for how to prepare for a phone call?

Making a reservation
p.22, ex. 1,2,3

p.23-24 role-play
A: read the instruction for Student A on page 23 B: read the instruction for Student B on page 24 1.do the role-play 2.change roles, do it again

Jobless male graduates turn to secretarial work
The Guardian 13-10-13: Young men see PA roles as attractive first step on the business ladder

What do you think this article is about?

? The position of secretary or personal assistant used to be the preserve of (=reserved for) efficient and capable women, loyal foot soldiers (=reliable low-level workers) with no eye on the boss's job – but now men are muscling (=make an effort) their way in. "Hold my calls, Mr Jones" is becoming the new norm. ? The change is due partly to the highest rate of graduate unemployment since records began, and the growing awareness that salaries for corporate PAs can reach £75,000 a year.

Ask your partner
? Do you think this kind of work is suitable for men? ? Do you think this is a good start for a career in business? Why? How can this job help you?

? Michael, 27, has been a PA at a top management consultancy for over three years ? "I work with everyone in the company," Michael said, "all the directors, all the partners and all the teams. This is a very difficult world to get into and this is the best route in for me. In a few years, I will take this great experience and go elsewhere."

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