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Week 3
Program for today: 1.Name list 2.Review homework 3.Continue unit 1 4.Example of how to give a presentation 5.Practice giving a speech

Review first part Unit 1
Explain in English: ? benefit ? bonus scheme ? make enquiries ? graduate trainee ? tailor-made ? that sounds more the thing ? hands-on training ? core skills ? quote (a price) ? a quotation

p.12 Listening: new words and phrases
? ? ? ? bonus= extra income benefit= something useful you get from you employer make enquiries= ask questions; get information graduate trainee= sb. with a degree who has just been hired by the company and is being trained for their specific job tailor-made= made to fit that sounds more the thing (we’re looking for) hands-on training= practice what you learn core skills= basic, most essential skills quote (a price)= to inform a customer about the price

? ? ? ? ?

Review p.11, ex. 1
Explain in English, use in a sentence: ? day one ? throw you in at the deep end ? promote from within ? come through the ranks ? become a high flier ? shuffle up the ladder

Review p.11, ex. 1
Complete the sentence:
1. From day one I plan to ........ 2. I hope they won’t throw me in at the deep end at my new job, because ... 3. I think it is best to promote from within, because ... 4. I (do not) prefer managers who have come through the ranks, because ... 5. I hope to become a high flier, because ... 6. Maybe it’s better to be patient and shuffle up the ladder than ..., because ...

Let’s listen again to the recording. Try to find the answers to these questions: 1. What kind of company does Carol work for? 2. What kind of course does she actually want: - for how many people? - how long? - what basic skills do the participants already have? 3. What course of action does Wendy suggest?

Group discussion
Imagine you work for a travel agency. Your company has decided to provide a training course for new tour guides who will guide groups to Hong Kong , Macau and Taiwan. Discuss: 1. what topics should be included in the course? 2. how long should it last? 3. should it be hands-on or only theoretical? 4. what kind of qualifications should the teacher have?

How to give a speech or presentation?
1. Introduce yourself: name + position in your company or organisation (My name is ..., I am ...) 2. Say what the topic of your talk is and give an idea of the set-up. (I want to say sth. about ..., first I’ll ..., then ..., and finally ...) 3. Main part of the speech / presentation. 4. Handle questions. 5. End: thank the audience for their attention, wish them a fine stay at your company or wish them a fine day, etc..

Use notes during your speech
Use a few notes to help you to guide you through your talk. Important: never write the whole speech or presentation word for word, it does not make a good impression if you read everything. Also, do not try to memorize the whole speech, this makes an even worse impression tha

n reading.

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