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Week 15
Programme for today: ? presentations ? Unit 8 ? Asking questions about a product ? review homework p.45 ? group discussion

Salsa dancing
Watch the video, find out: ? why do people want to dance salsa? ? what is a good way to learn it? ? why is it so popular these days?

Unit 8: Negotiating
Ask your partner(s): For business people who want to buy or sell things: ? What are the (dis)advantages of visiting a trade fair compared with visiting a website? ? How can you establish a long-term relationship with your customers. ? If people are visiting your stand at a trade fair: What kind of things are suitable to say to a foreign visitor who seems to have time for a chat? What things are not suitable?

Establishing a business relationship
p.40, ex. 2: Listen and note the order in which they talk about the topics listed in the table in ex. 1

Asking questions about a product
Important info related to a new product: ? terms and conditions of an agreement= 协议条款 ? characteristics of a product= what is it for, how to use it, etc. ? technical specifications= exact information about the construction, use and maintenance (维持) of a product ? safety guidelines Discuss with a partner: What questions would you ask the seller if you are thinking about ordering a Talking Kitchen Scale?

New words and phrases
? it would be good to handle them= it would be good to try them out (using your hands) ? kitchen scale= machine for to weigh food ? gadget= convenient tool, apparatus, etc. ? pop= put ? dishwasher= machine for washing dishes, etc. ? plug into the mains= connect it with the electricity network (by inserting a plug into a wall socket) ? put in a biggish order= order a large amount ? mark-up= price increase for reselling a product

p.41: Asking questions about a product
ex. 2: Fill in the blanks to complete the questions. ex. 3: Now listen to the recording to check your answers. ex. 4: Which questions refer to characteristics or technical specifications? Which to terms and conditions?

? at sight= pay for the delivery of goods when receiving the bill of exchange (汇票) ? bulk (大量)= large amount ? courier /’k??r??/= person delivering goods ? dispatch= send (goods)
Negotiating, ex.1 Listen to the recording, note down the terms of their final agreement

? What price do they agree on? ? Under what condition will they pay this price? ? What is the payment term the selling company usually works with? ? What argument did the buyer have for asking for a longer payment term? (“We’re a _____”) ? What is the final payment term? Under what condition did they buyer agree?

Guardian (11 April) : Uruguay legalises same-sex marriage
Vote in lower house of Congress makes Uruguay the third country in Americas and 12th in world to allow gay marriage

Group discussion
Do you think that China will allow same-sex marriages in the near future? Do you think that

China should allow same-sex marriages in the near future? Do you think that gay couples should be allowed to adopt children?

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