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Week 8
Program for today: ? presentations ? review homework ? introduction music festivals ? Unit 3: job applications

Please close your book: ? What does Christina enjoy doing in her job? ? What does Christina not enjoy doing? ? How does she know whether a cashier (出纳员) will do well in the job? ? What was her original education about? ? Why did she start to work at Tesco? ? What would she like to do in the future? ? What is she not interested in doing in the future? Why not?

? ? ? ?

What is difficult for many young people to do? Why is that important? What should you not do during a job interview? What are easy topics to talk about during a job interview? ? Why is it good to talk about that kind of things? ? How does she know whether someone will do well in their job?

Ask your partner: Have you ever been to a: ? music festival? ? book festival? ? film festival? What do you think you can do or see there?

The Edinburgh International Theatre Festival
? ? ? ? ? lasts three weeks almost 200 performances of dance, opera, and music artists from all over the world visitors from all over the world includes at the same time: film festival book festival jazz festival comedy (喜剧) festival military (music) bands competition

What is important to feel happy about your future job?
Choose one of these, the other two you cannot have: ? working in teams ? good working atmosphere ? high level of responsibility
Choose one of these, the other two you cannot have: ? company’s good reputation ? friendly colleagues ? challenging work

Try to agree with your partner(s). Explain you choice

Unit 3: Letters of enquiry and applications
In general, there are several ways of getting a job, such as: ? react to a job advertisement ? ask friends/relatives to introduce you ? find an interesting company and send a letter of enquiry in which you ask what job opportunities there are for you at their company

Letter of enquiry
Imagine you are HRM at EMI, a large music company based in the UK. Every day you receive several letters from people asking about job opportunities. Suppose you are very busy and have only a minute or two for each letter. What are the two or three most important pieces of information you want to get quickly from each letter?: ? education ? name ? hobbies ? age ? the job they are ? experience interested in ? how they know about ? place of birth your company ? ...

Application letters / emails
Job applications usually consist of two parts: ? cover letter, in which you introduce yourself ? curriculum vitae (C.V.) / résumé, with all the details of your application If you send an email, then the email itself can be used as cover letter, the C.V. can be attached (附上). The cover letter or email should only contain: - name - present job/study - reason for applying (job you are looking for) - availability for interview

Cover lett

er / email
? brief self-introduction Presently I am studying for a master’s degree ... ? job applying for I am interested in working as a ...... ? availability for an interview I hope my application will be of interest to you. I am available for an interview ...

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