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Week 17
Programme for today: ? Old Bill ? Unit 10 - grammar workshop ? role play

Final exam info class 1
Saturday January 4. Time: 14:10 – 15:50. The class will be split in two groups: group 1: 14:10 – 14:55 (even student numbers) group 2: 15:10 – 15:50 (odd student numbers) Place: here (204)

Final exam info class 2
Saturday January 4. Time: 16:00 – 17:40. The class will be split in two groups: group 1: 16:00 – 16:45 (even student numbers) group 2: 16:55 – 17:40 (odd student numbers) Place: here (204)

The planning for the coming weeks looks as follows: today (week 17): Unit 10 week 18: probably no class, otherwise review

Looking for finance
Ask your partner: What kind of businesses need very little money to get started? If you decided to set up your own company, how would you try to get the required capital?

Unit 10: financing a start-up
ex.1: discuss in English with your partner: which person (a – e) do you think has made which statement (1 – 5)?

ex. 1: make sentences with the words in A. Use those in B or use other words or phrases that are suitable. (borrow a pen, raise ...) ex.2: fill in the blanks

Listening p.51
Some words and phrases used in the recording: ? food-related marketing things= marketing related to the promotion of a food product ? recipe-writing= describing how to cook a dish ? the Training and Enterprise Council= name of a training institute ? business start-up courses= courses to help people to set up their own business ? rigorous= strict; serious ? business plan= detailed plan for a new business ? cold call= call sb. you haven’t met before

What does her company do? What kind of course did she take before starting her business? Why did she take that course? What did her tutors make her do? Who were some of her first clients? (“50% of .........”) What is she better at doing than a market-research company or one of her staff? Why? Where did she get funding from? Did she need much investment? Why? What is important when looking for finance?

Ask your partner: Who do you think needed more capital to get started: Amanda to set up the tea bars, or Jane to set up her ‘Not just Food’ business? Why?

First and second conditionals
First conditional (if + Second conditional (if + present tense) past tense) If we offer better If we offered better food quality food in the in the canteen, people canteen, people will would become more become more healthy. healthy Meaning: we are not Meaning: we are really going to do it, thinking about but it would be nice if doing it, it is a real we could (it is possibility hypothetical)

Second conditional
Look at the sentences on p.50 in Getting started. Which tense are they all using? Why? What is the difference between: “If I have the money, I will buy into a franchise” and “If I had the money, I’d buy into a franchise”?

Other sentences
Change the other sentences (1,3,4,5) into the present, mean

ing that what they express is a real possibility.
p.62, ex.1 and 2

pay attention
consume: [k?n'sju:m] = 消耗 presume: [pr?'zju:m] = 认为 suit: [su:t] suitable, suicide, super (all su:) soar sheep ship soap shop She’s Stephen’s sister She says she’s Swiss /?i sez ?i:z sw?s/

θ and e
I thought they’d said shut both these doors /ai θ?:t ee?d sed ??t b?uθ ei:z d?:z / I don’t think I’d let them do that They’ve thought of the very same thing All their wealth can’t buy them health

Role play: John’s dream
John and Sarah have been married for six years, they have one child. John works in a bank as a network administrator (=managing a computer network). He likes his job, but thinks that working in a bank is a little dull. In his spare time he repairs computers, and earns some extra money from this. He has saved a little money (about 200,000 RMB) that he wants to use to open a computer shop. The problem is, he has no money to hire staff, so he needs the support of his family to help running the business. But how can he convince them? All seem to have their own dreams.

Sarah has looked after their daughter for the past five years. Now she would like to take up a job as a teacher again. Earning her own salary, independent from her husband, and communicating with young people, it is her great dream. John’s younger brother David, who works as a cook, wants to open his own restaurant and needs at least 200,000 RMB to start. He has been dreaming about this for a long time. But how to realize it? He has no money of his own. Will John help him?

? One evening John and Sarah are talking about their future plans. John’s father and John’s younger brother David are also there. ? What would you say if you were one of them? Choose a role and make a role-play with your group. ? Try to come to an agreement that all family members are happy with. ? Use the following guidelines (you can change these if you want):

John: It is best for us if we open a computer shop, I repair computers, Sarah looks after the shop, David can deliver the goods (送货) and help Sarah. Sarah: John should look for a job with a computer company, where he can get more interesting work and probably a higher salary. I want to get a job as a teacher. David: We should open a restaurant, I do the cooking, John can do the management, Sarah can be the waitress. Father/Mother: John should stay at the bank and save more money, David should ...

? Report to the class what the decision of your group is, what is John’s family going to do? Give reasons for the decision.

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