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Week 7
Program for today: - presentations - review homework - continue Unit 2: job interview - role play job interviews

review p.15, ex.2
What do these words and phrases mean: 1. accountant 2. budget 3. meeting deadlines 4. easing 5. targets 6. performance 7. launch 8. recruitment 9. project teams

Guess the job
p.15, ex.3 Everybody should describe a few activities connected with a job (of your father, mother, etc.). As soon as one of the others know which job you are talking about they should give the answer. The winner continues with describing the next job. For example: listening is very important in my job ... speaking also ... helping people ...

What is this person’s job? I move around a lot in a car I talk to people the people I have to deal with are rather difficult sometimes I take them with me to my office sometimes I run after them

p.17: the HR manager
Ask your partner: What are some of the responsibilities of an HR manager?

Job interviews
Ask your partner: ? do you have any experience with job interviews? Were you successful? Why (not)? ? how to prepare for an interview? ? how to make a good impression during an interview? ? what questions are often asked ? ? what questions should the applicant ask?

Explain in English, give examples ? qualification (资格) ? certificate= 证书 ? personality= 性格 ? promotion (提升) ? career (职业)

Review of words related to job interviews
? qualification = sth. that qualifies (allows) you to do a certain kind of work or enter a university ? certificate= written proof that you have passed an exam ? promotion=get a higher position (提升) ? personality= personal characteristics (shy, outgoing, etc.) ? career (职业)= profession with opportunities for change and/or advancement (career in journalism, finance, etc.)

Sales Representative Required
ABC Computers is urgently looking for a Sales Representative for the Tianhe (天和) area. ? experience preferred but not required ? talented college graduates are warmly invited to apply ? negotiable salary ? for appointment, call 3324 5690 a.s.a.p.

Job interview: procedure
? In groups of 3-5 ? First, everybody should prepare what to say about yourself if you are the applicant ? Each person acts once as applicant for the job of Sales Representative, the others are interviewers. (With 3 people, you will do it 3 times, with 4 people, 4 times, etc.)

Job interview questions (examples)
Interviewer: Do you have any working experience? What did you do? Why should we hire you? What are your strong points? What are your weak points? What do you like to do in your spare time? How would you sell this pen (or cell phone, dictionary, etc.) to me? ...

? Who was the best applicant in your group? Why? (you cannot vote for yourself)

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