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A. is B. have C. has


(考试时间:40分钟 满分100分)


)pen friend ⒈许多 )how big ⒉笔友 )lots of ⒊多大 )speak English ⒋说英语 )write to ⒌住在…… )live in ⒍一天十二小时 )twelve hours a day ⒎给……写信 )a long time ago ⒏长城 )clean one's room ⒐很久以前 )the Great Wall ⒑打扫房间 .选择填空(20分)

)1. It’s a picture ________ the Great Wall.

A. in B. of C. for

)2. Tell me more something ________London.

A. at B. on C. about )3. ---- ___________is this river? -----It’s about ten kilometers long.

A. How long B. How big C. How many )4. Daming ________America with his cousin Simon.

A. visiting B. is visiting C. are visiting ( )5. Beijing _____ got 14million people.

( )6. All of these books ________ Chinese.

A. are B. is C. be

( )7. We are from _______and we are _____________.

A. China China B. Chinese China C. China Chinese ( )8. How many stars has China’s flag got?

It’s got__________. A. four B. five C. one ( )9. New York is _______ of America.

A. in the west B. in the east C. east ( )10.____big map!

A. What B. What’s C. What a 三.选择(20分)

( ) 1 It’s about six thousand seven hundred kilometres . ( ) 2 There is a famous square in the middle of Beijing . ( ) 3 There is a famous mountain in Anhui .

( ) 4 It is about 12600 li long , it’s a famous river in China . ( ) 5 There is a beautiful lake in Hangzhou . ( ) 6 It has got about fourteen million people . ( ) 7 It’s in the east of America .

( ) 8 There are lots of Chinese shops and restaurants there . And there’s Chinese

dancing .

( ) 9 We carry flags and we sing songs .

( ) 10 We always have a special meal . It’s a big family dinner .

A Flay Day B the West Lake C Beijing D New York E Thanksgiving Day F Chinatown G the Changjiang River H the Huangshan Mountain I the Great Wall J the Tian’anmen Square



1. these, great, are, postcards


2. it’s, kilometres, about, thousand, seven, six, hundred,


3. my, hobby, flying, kites, is,


4. festival, your, what’s, favorite

5. in, American, New, York, the, is, of, east



( )1.How long is the Great Wall? A. Sometimes.

( ) 2.What are you doing ? B. It’s about 6700 kilometres.

( )3.Do you miss China? C. I’m sending an email .

( )4.Can I write to you ? D. You ‘re welcome.

( )5.Thank you . E. Yes ,of course


Simon is an American boy. He collects stamps. He has got lots of stamps from Canada. There are famous men and women on the stamps. He has got lots of Chinese stamps, too. Some of them have got pictures of the Great Wall. Sometimes he collects toy cars. He has got some toy cars in his house. All toy cars have got Chinese names. ( )1. Simon is an American boy.

( )2. Simon collects books.

( )3. There are lots of men and women on the stamps.

( )4. Some of the stamps have got pictures of the Great Wall.

( )5. Sometimes Simon collects toy ships.


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