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Summer Holidays

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Summer Holidays

The summer holidays are the best part of the year for most children.Bored and tired,after a day's hard work,most children expect to have a rest and to release their pressure,whereas which is a wish for them because of the struggle for the future.However,they know highly that,"A man couldn't continue to work without rest".So,the summer holiday is becoming their best chances to adjust their conditions.

The best part for a summer holiday,however,is the seaside.As we know,people go to the seaside or others provided cold wind,once the weather is much hot-er.Even though there are most places of interest,the seaside is a good place for them to enhance their relationship and it is useful to release their pressure and to have the happiness.

Now,what is it that children like so much about the seaside?The reason why the seaside attracts children most is that they couldn't wait to swim in the sea and some of them are eager to walk along the seaside with their girlfriends or boyfriends.Despite the dange of sea,children would like to go to the seaside to express their feelings by yelling out.

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