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一、 请写出下列单词或词组的汉语意思。

1.live in _______________.2. hurry up_____________

3.wait for_________________4.come back _________________

5. shopping list________________ 6.How much_________

7.at the weekend________________ 8.wheel_______________

9.postcard________________10.one kilo of noodles____________________ _11.understand______________________12.wonderful______________

13.argue___________ 14.enough_______________

15.be good at______________16.everyone__________________17.them_______

18.play football____________19.badly_________________

20.catch_________________21.not….at all___________________

22.control_________________23. well____________

24.fantastic___________________25.give out_______________

二、 按要求写出下列单词的正适当形式。

1.badly(反义词)_______________ 2.can(否定式)________________

3.catch (现在分词)______________4.play(第三人称单数形式)__________

5.buy(过去式)__________________6.child (复数)_______________

7.pencil(复数 )_______________8.orange(复数 )________________

9.come(过去式 )______________10.drop(过去式 )_______________

11.meet(过去式 )__________ 12.go( 过去式)_______________

13.run( 过去式)______________ 14.do( 过去式)____________

15.wait(过去式 )_____________16.take(过去式 )______________

三、 选出每组中不同类别的单词。

( )1.Anoodles B.bread C.juice

( )2.A.supermarket B.house C.cook ( )3.A.banana B.dragon C.pear ( )4.A.people B.men C.lake

( )5.A.Ice cream B.cheese C.milk ( )6.A.her B.hers C.yours ( )7.A.mine B.your C.yours ( )8.A.wear B.blue C.green ( )9.A.wash B.want C.sweater ( )10.A.control B.team C.catch ( )11.A.well B.good C.badly ( )12.A.jump B.high C.ride ( )13.A.fast B.run C.far

( )14.A.give B.enough C.careful ( )15A.them B.Your C.my

四、 单项选择。

( )1.You are back_________China.

A.to B.from C.in

( )2.We ___________back last Sunday. A.are coming B.come C.came

( )3.Look_______those ice cream.

A.to B.at C.see

( ) 4.There’s_________bus!

A.we B.us C.our

( )5.We’re _______home now.

A.going B.went C.go

( )6.Do you live __________London?

A.at B.in C.on

( )7.We need food _________our picnic.

A.of B.to C.for

( )8.Do you like________?

A.pear B.apple C.bananas

( )9.How _______apples do you want?

A.much B.many C.some

( )10.We are_______the supermarket.

A.on B.at C.to

( )11.There were______people.

A.much B.lot of C.lots of

( )12.Where ______you go last Sunday?

A.are B. do C.did

( )13._________ did you go? I went to school. A.Where B.What C.When

( )14.What is the London Eye? It’s a big _________. A.book B.wheel C.toy

( )15.I took some __________of the mountains. Aphoto. B.photos C.photoes

( )16. Daming went to the Great Wall ___________bus. A.on B.in C.by

( )17._______cap is this? It’s Jimmy’s.

A.Whose B.Who C.What

( )18.This T-shirt is mine. It isn’t __________.

A.mine B.yours C.your

( )19.There _____only fifteen pencils.

A.is B.be C.are

( )20.There are two books. There are three children. There _________enough. A.isn’t B.are C.aren’t

( )21.There _______some milk in the bottle.

A.is B.are C.am

( )22.Lingling is good _____________basketball.

A.in B.on C.at

( )23.I can play football_________________.

A.well B . badly C.good

( )24.Can you run fast? Yes, I_________.

A.can’t B.can C.do

( )25.He can __________ fast.

A.ride B.rides C.riding

五、 连词成句。

1.good at is He basketball(.)

2.you can fast run(?)

3. are many book There too the on desk(.)

4. pen bought I six(.)

5.There’s enough not time(.)

6.Lingling’s Is it bag(?)

7.bus went They by to Badaling(.)

8. did Do like pears(?)

9.you did What do the at weekend(?)

10inmet We park John the(.)

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