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Unit 5
What does she do?

(一). 照样子,完成句子。

1. I work in a factory(工厂). I am a worker. 2. I teach Chinese. I am a teacher. 3. I sing songs. I am a singer. 4. I report news on TV. I am a TV reporter. 5. I drive cars. I am a driver. What can you find?(你发现了什么规律?)

Learning in groups.小组合作学习:
Try to read the new words.
尝试把单词读出来,在小组内交流 。友情提示:

sing– singer write—writer report -- reporter act doctor –actor an actor act ---actress an actress art -- artist an artist

Some jobs have different names when they are done by men and women.






1. Panda wants to write something to Ben. Let’s do with him. (完成短文)
Hi, I have a happy family. My father draws very well. an artist He is _______ _________. My mother likes singing a songs. She is_______ singer _______. My aunt reports news a on TV. She is _____TV reporter My uncle writes stories. ______ a _____.My grandmother acts very well. She is He is __ writer actress an _____ ________. My grandfather acts very well, actor too. He is _____ _______.I like helping sick (病)people. an doctor I am going to be a great _________.

What does he do ?

What is he ? He is a writer.

What does she do ?

What is she ?
She is a TV reporter.

What does he do ?

What is he ?
He is an actor.

an actress

a housewife

a boss

Let’s think you going to be? What are :
What are you going to do? (Page 28-32)

What are you going to be? a singer. a writer. a teacher. I’m goinga TV reporter. to be an actor. an actress. an artist.

an artist

a singer

a football player

a basketballplayer

an actor

Group work.
A: Hello. What are you going to be ? B: I am going to be a … What about you ?

A: I am going to be a …
B: Thank you .See you . A: See you .

Please remember:
Where there is a will, there is a way.


I’m a TV reporter.(换成He作主语) He is ____ ____ a TV reporter. (改为一般疑问句) ____ ____ a TV reporter? Is he (否定回答) No he ____, ____ ______. isn’t

My uncle is an actor.(对画线部分提问)
What does do ______ ______ your uncle ___? Ann is going to be an artist. (对画线部分提问) What is going _____ _____Ann ______ to be?

(二). 根据答句,写问句 What does your father 1)A:____________________ do ? B:My father is an actor. Is she a Chinese teacher? 2) A:______________________ B:Yes. She is a Chinese teacher. What is your aunt going 3) A:_____________________ to be ? B: My aunt is going to be a doctor.

Exercise (三)
1. She is a TV reporter . (对划线部分提问) What does she do ? 2. He teaches English . (对划线部分提问) What does he teach ? 3. He teaches English. (改为一般疑问句并作 肯定及否定回答) Does he teach English ?

Yes, he does.

Exercise (三)
1. Ann goes to work by bu

s . (改为一般疑问句) Does Ann go to work by bus ? 2.Ann works in a car company.(对划线部分提问) Where does Ann work?

3. Ann goes to work by bus. (对划线部分提问)
How does Ann go to work?

Let's talk (page 62)
A: What does your mother do?

B: She is an accountant.
A: Where does she work? B: She works in a car company.

A: How does go to work?
B: She goes to work by bus.

Q1: What does Mike’s mother do?

She is an accountant.

Q2: Where does she work?
She works in a car company.

Q3: How does she go to work?
She goes to work by bus.

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