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6A 词汇专项练习

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6A 词汇专项练习 01


1. He _________ (live) in America two years ago.

2. The boy ________ (listen) to the teacher carefully last week.

3. We _______ (watch) a Japanese cartoon last Friday.

4. Nancy ________ (pick) up oranges on the farm last week.

5. I ________ (pull) up (carrot) with Mike yesterday.

6. They ________ (play) chess in the classroom last PE lesson.

7. My mother _______ (cook) a nice food last Spring Festival(春节).

8. The girls _______ (dance) at the party last Wednesday .

9.The students ________ (study) very hard last month(月).

10. My parents _____ (plan ) to have a good weekend last Thursday. (visit ) our grandparents last Sunday.

12. The children (water) the flowers (collect ) eggs on the farm three days ago . ( taste ) a lot of oranges on the farm when he was ten years old. (walk ) in the park with my cousin . (be) lots of people in the park.

16. Ben (ask) his mother many questions when he was five years old.

17. I ______ (watch) a Chinese cartoon last Saturday.

18. Helen _______ (talk) the National Day with her father last night.

19. Our teacher (use) the computer to give us an English lesson yesterday.

20. ______ you _______ (visit) your relatives(亲戚) last Spring Festival(春节)?

21. ______ he _______ (fly) a kite last Sunday? Yes, he ______.

22. Ben _______ (pull) up carrots last National Day holiday.

23. My mother _______(work) yesterday, but my father ______(not) (work).

24. What ____ she _____ (do) in the garden last morning? She _____(play) the guitar. (wash) her dress the day before yesterday. (have) a party at school.












1.Tell___(她,他,我,我们)how to get there.


3.___(他们)say___(他,她)is very clever.

4.Who is there?It’s___(我).

5.What time is___?___’s 12o’clock.

6.How far is___to the zoo?

7.___is so cold today.

8.Tell___(我,我们)how far is___from Shanghai to Nanking.

9.___’s damp and cold.___think___’s going to rain.

10.Show___how to do___.


1.Is this___(你的)classroom?No,it’s not___(我们的).He’s___(他们的).

2.___(他的)father is an architect and___(她的)is an engineer.

3.___(谁的)keys are these?—___are___(他的),not___(我的).

4.This isn’t___(我的)car;___(我的)is being repaired.

5.Is the coat___(你的)or___(她的)?It’s___(我的),not___(她的).

6.___(她的)views of life and very different from___(我们的).

7.This is___(我的)umbrella and that one is___(你的).

8.This coat of___(你的)is much nicer than___(我的).

9.Those ties of___(他们的)must be more expensive than___(我们的).

10.I like___(你的)better than___(她的).

6A 词汇专项练习 02


1. I _____ a teacher now. I _____ a student five years ago.

2. He _____ a worker now. He _____ a little boy ten years ago.

3. It _____ there a moment ago .

4. The film _____ in the playground a moment ago .

5. The newspaper ______ on the table a moment ago.

6. The storybook ______ on the bookcase now. But it _____ on the

chair a moment ago .

7. Where ______ it now?

8. Where ______ it a moment ago?

9. Yang Ling ______ at home now. But she ______ at school a moment ago.

10.Wang Bing ______reading books now .But he ______ playing football a moment ago .


1.Tom _______ (visit) a farm last week.

2. The twins _______ (water) the flowers in the garden yesterday


3. I _______ (watch) a film with my friend last Friday.

4. My father _______ (be) in London last year.

5. What_______ (do) you do three days ago?

6. _______ (be) there any parks here in 1950?

7. What_________(do) you do just now? I (wash) my clothes.


1. else, did, last night, what, do, you, (连词成句)

What ______ _______ you do last night?

2. I’d like a cup of milk. (对划线部分提问)

________ ________ you like?

3. We are all happy.(改成一般过去时)

We _____ all happy.

4. I visit my grandparents every week. (用last week代替every week)


6. Where are you now? (用just now代替now)

7. There were some zebras in the zoo last year. (改为一般疑问句并作肯定回答)

8.Tom often does morning exercise. (改成否定句)

Tom ________ often _________ morning exercise.

9. Nancy often has a big lunch with her family on Children’s Day. (改为一般疑问句作否定回答) _____________________


1. All the books _____ (be) not here, but they _____ (be) here

a moment ago.

2. It ______ (be) there just now, but it isn’t there now.

3. Your CD Walkman (be) on the ground just now.

4. Where’s the camera? It ________ (is) there a moment ago.

5. Where ____( be ) the diary now? It _____ (is) there just now.

6. It _______ (be) Helen’s birthday yesterday.

7. It _____ (be)on the ground just now, but it isn’t there now.

8. My parents _______(be) not at home a moment ago.

9. Tom _______(go ) to visit a farm last week.

10. The twins _______ (water) the flowers in the garden yesterday


11. I _______ (watch) a film with my friend last Friday.

12. My father _______ (be) in London last year.

13. What_______ (do) you do three days ago?

14. _______ (be) there any parks in the town in 1950?

15. Where ______ (be) you just now?

I _______ (be) in the classroom.

16. What ______ you _______(do) last Friday?

We ________(water) trees on the farm.

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