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一.词汇篇 Unit1--Unit3

book crayon pencil pencil case mouse bug dog monkey panda yellow red blue purple green black

mother father sister brother ball umbrella towel ring

one two three four five six seven eight nine ten

teacher student boy girl snake elephant cat rabbit big little short long


bread cake chicken candy water juice milk tea

yummy yucky sweet sour shirt jacket dress skirt glasses jeans shoes socks new old clean dirty

chair table sink bathtub bed lamp desk

bookshelf bedroom bathroom living room kitchen

二.动词短句篇 Unit1-Unit3

Stand up. Open your book. Take out your book. Touch your nose .

Sit down. Close your book . Put away your book. Touch your toes .

Pick up the ball Catch the ball. Bounce the ball. Look at my family .

Put down the ball. Roll the ball. Throw the ball.

Jump 5 times. Walk to the seesaw. Line up . Push.

Come over here. Run to the seesaw. Stop. Pull.


Eat the candy. Smell the chicken. Drink the water. Clean up .

Pour the juice. Drink the water. Taste the cake. Can I have a cup . Please ? Swim Skate Ride a bike . Put on your hat .

Dive. Ski. Fall down . Take off your hat .

Go to the bedroom. Go to the living room. Go to the kitchen.

Study English. Read a book. Watch TV. Go to bed.

Have a snack. Play a game. Eat dinner.

三.发音篇 (英文字母的元音字母:Aa Ee Ii Oo Uu )

A a apple ant E e elephant egg

I I internet insects ink Oo Uu umbrella

B b book bug book bag P p panda pencil penguin

F f frog father fish V v van vest violin

S s snake swing seesaw Z z zebra zipper zero

C c cat candy cup G g gum girl

D d dog dress donut L l lamp living room leg

T t turtle top teacher Ww window water

M m mouse monkey mother Rr rabbit ruler rain

N n notebook nut net Kk kangaroo kite kitchen

Qq Hh hat head hamster

Jj jacket jar juice Yy yo-yo yarn yes

Xx box six fox

符合发音规则的单词 swim jump run hop hit

tak-----take lik--- like

div----dive nam---name

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