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6.做家庭作业7.需要好好休息8.对…有好处 9.做太多的作业10.告诉你我的生活

11.跳舞半小时12.祝你好运 13.为…作准备 二:根据句意写单词:

to do. 快乐) on 1 June.

drinks before driving . He is a good driver. 4.---How long does one lesson last?-----For about three 5.Don’t(talk with others) in class .It’s not polite. 6.It’s good for students to do morning eevery day.

7.---Tomorrow is Miss Li’s birthday. to her.

8.Tai Lihua is a deaf dancer, and she (练习)dancing from morning to night. 9.Teachers dislikes the boy ,because he always asks many of strange questions. a week , on Friday afternoon. 11.Jack likes cartoons(卡通storybooks。 12.Mum, I’m hungry .Is supper r?

13.Yesterday was Tuesday. Today is 14.She is about 80 years old and 很少)goes out. ) me up at 6 o’clock. with friends on the phone?

18.I was born 填介词)

night. (填介词) is open from 9am to 4pm every day . on your exam !----Thanks. a year.

more about the world. 24.–Do you n_______ some water? —Yes. Thank you. 25.. What about _________ (have) a rest under the tree? 26. There ____(be) a pair of trousers on the bed . 三.补全句子

1.Tom is a fan of the NBA .

练习打篮球) with his friends after school.

2.My best friend Mary and I like 彼此交谈)under the trees at lunchtime. 3.We have a class meeting (在周一下午).

4.Don’t laugh at the old .We should (对他们友好).

5.Jack always (玩得开心)at home after his parents go to work. 6.Morning exercises 对……有好处)us.

7.An English exam is coming .The students 准备)it now. 更多的了解) the world.


,I eat them less than 10.Sorry.I have no time 和你聊天)。

11.有些人就是不知道如何娱乐?Some people just don’t know 12.我七点一刻出门,否则上学会迟到。

I leave home at school. 13.老师们星期三下午开会。 14.我们在学校总是很愉快。We always at school. 15.我有很多时间做家庭作业。 time do my 16.我经常去溜旱冰。I often 17.我们的课八点开始,我们上午通常上四节课。

18.早饭有助于我为一天做好准备。 the day. 19.运动对你有好处。Sports you. 20.周末,我有太多的作业,没有许多时间看电视。

At the weekend, I have I don’t watch TV.

提问)_______________________ ( )1. does he give a talk in the Reading Club?-----Twice a week. A. How many B. How often C. How long D. How ( )2.---When are you going to visit Beijing, Miss Wang?

-----I’m going there the morning A. in ;on B. on; in C. on ;of D. in ; of

( )3.We shouldn’t watch films and we shouldn’t watch TV either. A. too much ;too many B. too many ;too much C. too much ;too much D. too many too many

( )4.I want the classroom. Would you like me please? A. clean; help B. to clean ; help C. clean ; to help D. to clean ;to help ( )5.The boys usually practice football on Friday. A. playing B. to playing C. play D. to play

( )6. The supermarket is every day. It at 8am. A. open; opens B. opens; open C. open; open D. opens; opens

( )7.She is busy today and doesn’t have time on a picnic with us. A. go B. going C. to go D.goes

( )8.----do you go to the school Computer Club ?---Twice a week. A. How often B. How long C. How many D. How much ( )9. —Please ______the picture ______here .I need it.

A. bring ;/ B. take ; / C. bring ; to D. take ; to ( )10. —This is_______ egg. _______egg is Mike’s.

A .a , An B . an , The C . an , An D. the , An

( ) 11. There ________some milk in the bottle. A is B. are C. has D. have ( ) 12. I have no time________ basketball.

A to playing B playing C play D to play


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