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北师大版初三英语上册Lesson 3

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北师大版 九年级 Unit 1

Unit 1 Learning to Learn Lesson Three

I read both the English and the Chinese explanations.
山东 董华英

Answer the following questions: What learning style do you find useful for learning English? How to become a good learner?

New words and expressions both …and… pronunciation discussion partner take charge lead express relaxed

既……又…… 发音 讨论 伙伴 看管 负责 领导 引导 表达 放松的



Look up 向上看 查找 read through 认真通读 read though 使赶快 underline 在……下面画线

Self-assessment 自我评价
instruction 指示 用法说明(书)

In pairs
Talk about in pairs.

Do you find working in groups helpful? Why or why not? What kind of activities do you like to do in class?

Read the questionnaire and tick their answers .

In pairs
Compare your answers and talk about them in pairs.

Talk about your examples of the six styles and take down others students’ examples. What have you learned so far? I’ve learned how to discuss different learning styles?


Design five questions based on the questions and use them to interview three Ss in class about their learning style .
Questions Student1 Student2 Student3

What are you favorite class activities? How do you feel when you speak English out loud?


Think about what they have learned so far in this unit and answer these questions individually. What have I learned in this unit? What am I not very sure about? What do I want to know more about? What have I done well? What do I need help with?

Read the text and answer the following questions. What is a self-assessment? What do you need to do in selfassessment? What do you need to do after a selfassessment? How can a self-assessment help you? How do o need help you?

It’s a good idea to do selfassessments regularly. 能科学地自我评价是一个较好学习方 法。 It’s … to…. 这是一个倒装句。动词不定式作主 语时一般把其放在句未,前面用it来 代替。

It’s necessary to warn him of the danger. 告戒他有危险是很有必要的。 It’s a good hobbit to get up and go to bed early. 早起早睡是一个好习惯。

In pairs
Work in pairs and find out each other’s pinions about the Reflections at the each unit. A: do you do the Reflection part at the end of each unit? B: yes, I do. I think it helps me understand the unit better. A: How do you do it? B: I follow the instructions and write down my answers one by one.

Words and expressions: both…and… pronunciation discussion partner take charge express relaxed translate look up read instruction self-assessment underline through lead

Main sentences: A self-assessment is often in the form of questions. When I look up a word in the dictionary I often read both the Chinese and the English explanations.

Write an essay about self-assessment .

A self-assessment is often…

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