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(考试时间: 120分钟; 满分: 120分)

第一部 听力测试

第二部 笔试

五、 单项选择,每小题所给的四个选项中选出能够完成或回答这一小题的最佳答案。(共25小题,每小题1分,共25分)

21、—Would you like to go to the movies next Friday ?

—Oh, I’d love to,but__________________.

A. next week is very busy B. next week is quite full for me

C. I have no ideas D. I have important something to do

22、Don’t speak to Linda. She is reading___________________.

A. some interesting thing B.something fun C. intereting something D.for fun

23、Now blogs are __________diaries among young people.

A. very popular B. as popular C. so popular D. much popular than

24、—Peter,___________do you play basketball after school ?

—Three times a week ,It can make me_______________

A. how many times .healthy B. how often. Healthy

C.how long . health D. how soon, health

25、Don’t _____________ so often. It’s bad for your health.

A. stay up B. put up C.come up D.get up

26、The poor boy was__________hungry that he ____________up all the food.

A.very ,eats B.too ,eating C.quite, eat D.so ,ate

27、Look! Tom_________angry__________his face turns red with anger.

A.seems,and B.is seeming,so C.lokked,though D.looking,and

28、He had to retire(退休)early_________poor health.

A.because B.because of C.so D.through

29、——What do you think of our shoes?

——Tom’s are not as ____as_____.

A.good ,you B.good,yours C.well,your Dwell,yourself

30、Of all the students,Angie is the_______but studies__________than others.

A.youngest,best B.younger,best C.younest,better D.younger,better

31、____it is raining,_____he still works outside.

A. Although,but B,Though,/ C,/,although D,Through,/

32、We don’t like_______friends with_______people because they are too quiet.

A,to make,outgoing B,making,serious C,make,talented D,to make,creative

33、——Just a minute, David. Don’t forget ________the report with you today. ——Oh,yes ,mum.I_____I put it in my bag.Thank you, mum.

A, take, think B,to bring, thought C,being, think D,to take, thought

34、I didn’t see Alice at the party. Do you know______________?

A, What happened B, Why doesn’t she come

C, Where is she then D, hat is she doing at that time

35、Guo Jingming’s new books________. Let’s go and buy one.

A, bring out B, put out C, find out D, come out

36、——What do you think of going to see a movie tonight?

——_______. But I hear there is a new soap opera on tonight. I expect to see that for a long time.

A, I hope sop B,I can’t stand it C, I don’t mind it D, All right

37、 Guang Zhou is larger than _______in Malaysia.

A, any city B, any other city C, the other D, all the

38、Most British high school students________ uniforms at school.

A, dress B, dress up C, put on D, wear

39、A good friend is the person who______ you and his or her words can _____ your heart. A, cares for , hear B, looks after, feel C, cares about , touch D, helps , go to

40、Some of the people think the ____ of the actors are ____ , so they don’t like the sitcoms. A, lives , made up B lifes , make up C, live , making up D , life , made up

41、They are twin sisters , but they ________ nothing ______.

A, are , the same B, have ,in common C, are as ,as D, have , on

42、My brother the piano ______ in his class , because he takes it very _______.

A, well, seriously B, beautiful , serious

c , best , most seriously D, most beautifully, seriously

43、The Internet is very useful . We can get a lot of______ from it.

A, thing B, message C, information D, something

44、I am _________thirsty . Could you please get me something to drink?

A, a little B, little C, a few D, few

45、His parents found ______ to tell him everything that happened.

A, necessary B, it necessary C, necessarily D, it necessarily

六.阅读理解 阅读下列短文, 做出正误判断或选出最佳答案。A篇为判断正(A)误(B)题,B、C篇为选择题。(共15小题,每小题1分,共15分)


Now we’re getting happier and happier. But in fact everyone worries. How do you deal with your worries ? Whether (无论) your worries are big or small, you can take the following steps to deal with(应付) them:

Try to find out what you’re worried about.

Sometimes you will know what you’re worried about .Other times you might not . Try to find it out first ,if you can’t, you can ask for help.

Think of ways to make it better.

There is always something you can do to help you eel less worried. Sitting there worrying is no fun and it won’t solve your problem.

If your worry is about a fight you had with a friend, you might write down all the things you could do: write a note to him or her , invite him or her to a basketball game , say sorry to him or so on . Once you have a list of things you could do , you can choose the one that gets your friend back.

Ask for help.

When you’re worried , it can help to find someone to talk to . You can ask your parents , friends or teachers for help.

46、There are four ways to deal with worries.

47、Not everyone feels worried, because we getting happier and happier.

48、When you have a fight with your friend , and you want him or her to come back , you can invite him or her to a movie.

49、Someone will not feel happy if he or she worries.

50、Talking to someone can make you feel less worried.



16:50 Light music

19:00 International news

21:00 Interesting stories

23:10 Chinese pop songs

00:10 World famous piano works (作品)

01:30 (over)


09:30 Chinese songs by famous singers

10:00 Animal world

10:30 Songs of the century

12:10 Happy talk show

18:00 Chinese pop songs

19:30 Radio songs

21:00 (over)


09:00 Happy 30 minutes

09:35 World famous piano works

12:00 The latest (最新的) news

14:00 Cheinese classical music

17:00 Songs of the century

19:35 Chinese songs

23:00 Chinese folk songs(民歌) by famous singers

00:00 (over)


09:00 Hello taxi

10:00 Modem music

11:00 Pop music

12:30 Famous Chinese songs

13:00 World famous opewas

16:00 Old records

18:00 International news

20:00 Famous Chinese songs

21:30 Love the human world

23:00 Music magazine

00:00 (over)

51、All the bands have ________________.

A, light music B, Chinese Songs C, country music D, word famous piano works

52、Which band broadcast (广播) for the shortest time ?

A, 640 AM B, 720AM C,90.5 FM D, 97.4FM

53、It’s 11:00 pm . We can listen to “_________________”

A, Pop music B, Songs of the century C, Music magazine D, World famous piano works

54、Which of the following is NOT true ?

A, You can listen to “Radio songs “ at 19:30 at 90.5FM

B, You can listen to “ Famous Chinese songs “ at 12:30 97.4FM

C, You can listen to “ International news” at 18:00 at 640 AM

D, You can listen to “ Chinese songs” at 19:35 at 720 AM


Nowadays, computer games are becoming more and more popular in many cities and towns.

A lot of small shops along busy streets are made into small game houses to get more money . These places are always crowded with people , especially (尤其是) young boys .

In the computer game houses , people spend a lot of money competing (较量) with the machines . It’s hard for one to win the computer , but one can become better after trying again . People have a kind of gambling psychology (赌博心理) when they play computer games . the more they lose . the more they want to win . When class is over , schoolboys run to the computer game houses . Little by little (渐渐地) they forget all about their lessons and fall behind others . Some of them can get enough money from their parents .But some of then are not lucky enough to get the money . They begin to take away other students money and become thieves (贱).

56、Who always go to the computer game houses ?

A. Young girls B. Young children C. Young students D. Young boys

57、People made small shops into small game houses in order to ____________________.

A. make computer games more popular B. get more money

C. help people to learn computer better D. make people happy

58、What must the young people bring to play games in the game homes ?

A. Tickets B. paper C. Cards D. Money

59、What will happen to the boys if they keep going to the game houses ?

A. They will win a lot of money

B. They will make a lot of good friends there

C. They will fail in their study and even break laws (法律)

D. They will live a happy life in the future

60、What is the passage mainly about ?

A. Game houses are bad for the life of the young boys

B. More and more small shops are made into game houses

C. Young boys spend a lot of money playing computer games

D. People play games better after trying again and again

七、综合填空 (共15小题,共15分)

A. 用所给词语的实弹形式填空,每词限用一次。

1. Tomorrow they don’t plan ______ in the school meeting because they are ill.

2. A car hit a cat just now . The poor cat ________ now.

3. My son ________ my cup this moming ,and cried.

4. It is hard for us ______ which book to buy . They are borth fantastic.

5. Most of the students can’t stand ________ too much homework .

6. I think each of the kids should ___________ something by himself

Mrs.White lives in the countryside. She is very happy .Sometimes she is not happy .There aren’t many things ___8_____ in the countryside .She needs to go to the city.

One day she goes to the city . First she buys some fruits and vegetables for ____9______ and for her friend Then she goes into a shop . She wants to buy a pair of glasses . She ___10___ one pair , and then another , and another , but none of them ___11_____ to feel right.

The shopkeeper is a nice man .After __12___ he says to Mrs .White , “Don’t worry, madam Everything wil be all right in the end . It isn’t easy ___13_____ the right glasses .” “No, it isn’t,” answers Mrs . White .”And it is even ___14___ difficult ___15______ you are shopping for a friend.”



Do you like Hunan TV shows ? What do you think of them ?

A popular TV show may have 70,000,000 TV viewers (观众) . A TV show can make something or someone famous overnight (一夜之间)。That’s why more than 100,00 women and girls of 4---89 years old watched Hunan TV’s 2005 “Super Girl “show.”

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