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小学六年级期末卷子 姓名

一 选出下列单词中不同类的一项,把正确的答案填写在前面的括号里。(每题一分,共十五分) ( ) 1. A. morning B. evening C. afternoon D. Tuesday

( ) 2. A. Mary B. June C. July D. September

( ) 3. A. park B. museum C. teacher D. school

( ) 4. A. actor B. singer C. engineer D. dancer

( ) 5. A. English B. Chinese C. Beijing D. P.E.

( ) 6. A. watch B. write C. make D. pictures

( ) 7. A. post office B. pet shop C. post card D. theme park

( ) 8. A. need B. tomorrow C. next week D. today

( ) 9. A. CD B. post card C. story book D. cake

( ) 10. A. shop B. shoe C. hospital D. supermarket

( ) 11. A. train B. bus C. buy D. ship

( ) 12. A. doctor B. teacher C. where D. accountant

( ) 13. A. cloud B. moon C. sun D. plant

( ) 14. A. turn B. north C. west D. south

( ) 15. A. excited B. hobby C. happy D. bored

二 从括号中选出你认为合适的词语,把它填在横线上,注意书写。(每题一分,共十分)

1 Can he go ( with / in / to ) us? 2 My little brother ( with / in / to ) two big eyes. 3 Dose your uncle ( with / in / to ) from the USA? 4 My sister ( with / in / to ) singing. 5 Thanks for ( with / in / to ). 6 He is going to ( with / in / to ) some food.

7 This is my ( with / in / to ) birthday party. 8 My parents often ( with / in / to ) to the park. 9 The post office is next ( with / in / to ) the hospital. 10 I want to buy ( with / in / to ) juice.

三 单选 (每小题一分,共十五分)

( ) 1. His mother is actress and his father is good engineer.

A. an ; an B. an ; a C. a ; an

( ) 2. What is your hobby?

A. I like making kites. B. She goes to work by bus C. Next to the hospital. ( ) 3. Does she watch TV at night?

A. Yes, she does. B. Yes, she watches. C. No, she does.

( ) 4. Turn left at the cinema, then . It's on the left.

A. our school B. go straight C. green light

( ) 5. at the red light.

A. Stop B. Wait C. Go

( ) 6. Where does he work?

A. His hobby is painting. B. In a car company. C. He is a singer.

( ) 7. What does his mother do?

A. She's a policewoman. B. She is fine. C. She goes to work by car.

( ) 8. When does she go to school?

A. She works in Beijing. B. She goes to work at 7:30 C. Yes, she does.

( ) 9. What are you going to do this afternoon?

A. Yes, he does. B. I am going to play football. C. He likes collecting stamps. ( ) 10. Does your pen pal live in Shanghai?

A. I like diving. B. He is tall and strong. C. Yes, he does.

( ) 11. Where are you going this afternoon?

A. Near the shoe store. B. I'm going to the bookstore. C. He is going to visit grandparents. ( ) 12. He likes . He can very well.

A. painting ; painting B. painting ; paint C. paint ; painting

( ) 13. In Australia, drivers drive on the side of the road.

A. right B. left C.straight

( ) 14. Please come to my birthday party.

A. twelve B. twelfth C. twelveth

( ) 15. Turn right the park, then wait me near the school gate.

A. at ; for B. at ; on C. on ; for


Sarah:__________. Wu: I’m fine. And you?

Sarah:I’m OK.________ . Wu:I am going to plant flower seeds in our garden.

Sarah:__________. Wu: It’s easy. First, put the seeds in the soil.

Sarah:________. Wu: Water them. In several days, you can see the sprout.

Sarah: Great. So I will come to see your sprout_________.

A.What should you do? B.Goodbye. C. How do you do that? D. How are you? E.What are you going to do this afternoon?


( ) 1.Where is the post office? A.First, do not waste water.

( ) 2.How do we save water? B.You can go by the No.11 bus

( ) 3.Is there a pet shop here? C.Shandong.

( ) 4. How can I get to the hospital? D.It’s next to the school.

( ) 5. Where does he come from? E.Yes,It’s in front of the school.


1. Where is the__________.(电影院)? 2.She likes_________ _________.(制作风筝)

3.Tom enjoys___________.(游泳) 4.I am going to buy some _________ _________.(漫画书)

5.He is going to the park __________ _________.(今天下午) 6.In a few days , you can see a __________.(幼苗)

7.My father ________(去)to work by bus. 8.My mother is________ _________.(一名女演员)

9.Mike ________(居住)in Shanghai. 10. She _______(教) English in our school.


1. do how you to school (?)


2. comes the it from river in water ( .)


3. to get can the I Nature How park (?)


4. turn bookstore right at the (.)


5. this where you going are afternoon (?)



Alice and Amy are twins. They look the same, but they are very different. Every morning, Alice goes to school by bike, but Amy goes to school by bus. Every evening, A lice reads story books, but Amy watches TV. On Sunday, Alice plays at the park. Amy likes going to the zoo and see the animals.

1-5题根据短文内容判断正误,正确写T, 错误写F.

( )1.If(假如)Alice has long hair, Amy has long hair, too.

( )2.Alice likes reading.

( ) 3.Alice and Amy go to school by bus.

( )4.Amy likes animals.

( )5. Alice likes reading story books.

6-8 题根据短文回答问题。

6. How does Alice go to school?


7.Are Alice and Amy twins?


8.When does Alice play at the park?


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