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北师大版初三英语上册Lesson 6

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北师大版 九年级 Unit 2

Lesson 6 How will life be different from now?

河北 耿建成

Divide into groups.Each group will choose a topic. Predict the topic and express your opinions.


Hello, every one. I’d like to predict Education in the year 2050.Schools will still exist at that time. But it will not be a place for us to study all year round. We will come to school only once or twice a week .

It will be a place for us to hold meetings and discuss something. When we want to communicate, we will come to the school. Most of the time, we will stay at home and learn all our subjects on the Internet, of course though a computer.

We can sit , or even lie in bed to study. It
will be more comfortable and convenient. ( Next: Choose a topic and discuss )

Read the prediction about life in 2050 and use the prompts to write a sentence summarizing each predictions. In 2050, we will learn about people from their web pages with five senses.
Learn about people / web page/ five senses

In 2050, everyone in the world will have a personal web page with their information on it. These web pages will use the five senses: sight , touch, smell, taste and hearing. This way, before you meet someone, you can check out his or her web page to learn about the person.

In 2050, the demand for water will lead to war.

demand for water / lead to war In 2050, there won’t be enough water for the world’s population. Because of changes in climate and increase in farming, some places will be drier and people will not be able to produce enough food. The demand for water will create problems between countries and these problems may lead to war.

In 2050, the structure of the population will change. structure / population/ change
By 2050, the population of the world will come to the highest point, probably around 8.5 billion people, and then it will start to decline. The structure of the population will also change. Most people will be 60 years old.

In small groups , discuss which predictions in the text you think are good things, which are bad things. Give your reasons. Example: A: I think it’s a good idea to have a web page with five senses. B: I agree. C: I disagree. I don’t want to put my photos on a web page.

Listening: I’m going to study at the top high school in the city.
What _____ shall I do first , clean my _____________ bedroom _____________ boil some or _________ water ____________? If I get good Tomorrow is results, I _____ ________. I’m am Saturday going to see ____ going to study a _____________ at the top high football match _____________ ____________ school in the city with my father ____________ ____________. But don’t know if __________ I will be able to get high score. _____________. Where will I be in ten ________ years’ time ____________? am going to I ___________ start a toy factory.





2.2 Will 与 be going to 用法比较: opinions
I think Mike will be late. Ther

e are always traffic jams at this time. Mike is going to be late. He called me just now.

a present fact.

an immediate action

I’ll phone you back in a minute.

a future


When she grows up, she is going to be a dancer.

Predictions “will” express predictions based on opinions. “be going to” express predictions base on a present fact.

Decisions and Intentions

“will” is used to express an immediate
action .

“be going to” is used to express a future




be going to





Circle the correct verb in parentheses.
1. So you are going to England for a year! What ( are you going to / will you ) do when you get there? 2.I’m sure you’ll pass the exams, but what ( are you going to / will you ) do if you fail them?

3.I ( will come / am coming ) with you if you like. 4. I ( will come / am coming ) with you whether you like it or not. 5. Give me your bags. I ( will help / am going to help ) you carry them. 6. Sorry, I can’t come out tonight. I ( will help / am going to help) Jack with his homework

7. ( Will / Shall ) you join us tomorrow for lunch? 8. ______( Will / Shall ) I close the door? Shall 主要用于问句中,通常与 第一人称 I 和 we 连用。

Language focuses:
1. check out

2. lead to
3. population

4. because of
5. come out

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