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北师大版初三英语上册Lesson 1

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北师大版 九年级 Unit 1

Unit 1 Learning to Learn Lesson One A song might help you improve your memory.
山东 董华英

点击喇叭播放歌曲 (可根据学生实际更换)

1.apple banana orange bus car bike bag pencil knife;

2.good bad long short fat thin fast slow beautiful ugly
3.read listen look run jump walk

Listen to the question about memory of Mary’s, and try to write down her question. Then discuss in pairs.

Read the e-mail as quickly as they can, and then try to find out the answer to the question: Is there anyway to improve memory and be a better learner? How many suggestion are given here?

key 钥匙 答案 go over 复习 仔细检查 memorize 记住 记忆 material 材料 easily 容易地 不费力地 junior 晚辈 下级 晚辈的 下级的 colored 有色的 learner 学习者 highlight 加亮 使显著 advice 忠告 建议 go to sleep 入睡 review 回顾 复习 评论 recite


Read the e-mail again, and answer the questions on Ss book 1.4 in pairs. How often does the writer suggest reviewing the material? Why is it important to highlight the important parts on the book?

Why is it helpful to review things before you go to sleep? Why is it helpful to review things in the morning? What should you do before you try to memorize something?

I always have a hard time remembering what I have learned. 我总是感到记忆困难。 have a hard time 做某事一度感到困难. At first he had a hard time under standing spoken English. 开始, 他感到英语口语很难理解.

They had a hard time supporting the family. 他们一度难以维持生计。
have a good time 玩得高兴 过得愉快 They had a good time in the Summer Holidays. 他们暑假过得很愉快。

First, it will help you concentrate on the most important parts when you learn the knowledge. 首先在你学习知识时,它可以帮你把注 意力集中到重要的内容上。

concentrate on 把注意力集中到某事上。

He should concentrate no his studies. 他应当集中精力学习。 This helps you concentrate your mind on the task. 这会帮助你集中精力完成任务。 Water companies should concentrate on reducing waste. 自来水公司应当注重减少浪费。

Read the e-mail again, and find out helpful advices. Talk about in pairs.
A: I think review regularly helps me memorize English vocabulary. B: I agree I feel working in groups is also. … …

You might want go over the material two days after you learn it. If you think about the information before you go to sleep, you might be able to remember it better. might 与may 是情态动词,用来表示 可能性,后跟动词原形。

Fill in the blanks.
Other people ______find it easier to might remember things in the morning. might You ______want to read a book about memory. might Some people ______remember the capital city of other countries using a song.

Look at one of the columns of the information for one minute then close your books .Write

down what they have remembered. Who write the most ?

Some people may find it easier to regularly remember things using song. Do you remember when you learned confident the 26 letters in English? You probably learned the letters advice while you sang them in a simple song. upset This method may help you remember review more difficult information such as memory new vocabulary, capital cities, poems, texts, etc.

Listen to the tape and complete the table.
Subject A list of words Method Organize the words in a sentence ___________or a story ________. Concentrate on the key points ___________. Example You can make a sentence like ” if you feel upset about your ____ memory ______ ____, my advice ______ is to be __________ confident and regularly _________the things__________”. review You should ___________the understand paragraph first and then look at the organization of the paragraph . The topic sentence will the main idea tell you________________. details You should also find out how the________.

A paragraph

Words and expressions: key memorize easily junior learner advice go over material colored highlight recite simple paragraph support go to sleep

Main sentences: You might want to read a book about memory. You should also find out how the details. I agree I feel working in groups is also. I think review regularly helps me memorize English vocabulary.

Write a letter to Jack.

How improve your memory ?

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