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cook a meal 红包 water plants 生气的 angry 做饭 cold drink 给植物浇水 red pack 冷饮

No smoking .

My mother irons the

clothes. No


This sign means “ Do not turn left.”

The girl feels sad.

1. Here you are. 宠物店 2. Thank you 给你 3. a cheap raincoat 谢谢 4. a box of sweet 一件便宜的雨衣 5. pet shop 一块糖果


A. read B. read books C. reading

( A. Happy B. sad C. shy


A.brush my teeth B. comb my hair C. do my homework

( )1.——What time do you ? ------I go to school at 7:30.

A. get up B. go to school C. have break fast

( A. scarf B. coat C. book 五、从下面方框中选择正确的单词填在横线上。(10分)

cheap can’t Would Thank you borrow

1. A:_________ you like some buns? B: Yes , please. 2. A:______________________. B: You’re welcome. 3. A: Can I _____________ a pencil ? B: Here you are . 4. A: Can I have puppy ? B: No ,you ____________. 5. A: This T-shirt is 20 yuan . It’s __________.

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