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Lesson 12

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Lesson 12


always>usually>often> 总是 通常 经常 sometimes>seldom>never 有时 很少 从不

一般现在时表示经常发生的动作 或存在的状态。 如果主语是第三人称单数,动词 要加s或es。 如果主语不是第三人称单数,用 动词原形。

Do the following exercises.
1.He often ______ (make) new makes things for the children. 2.Our teacher always helps ______ (help) us with our English. 3.Lucy feels hungry and she eats _____ (eat) a cake.

plays 4.Her sister seldom _____ (play) the piano. 5.Sometimes my brothers _________ (not go) shopping. don’t go goes 6.Mr Li never ______ (go) out in the evening.

肯定句变成一般疑问句: 肯定若把一般疑问变,句有can, be移到前。 没有can, be怎么办?句首Do, Does很简单。 I, my要把you, your变,动词原形 问号添。

For example: 1. He’s in Class Three, Grade Six. ------ Is he in Class Three, Grade Six? 2. They’re at home.------ Are they at home? 3.The girl can swim.------ Can the girl swim? 4. This is my book.------ Is this your book?

5. I’m ten.------ Are you ten? 6. We like English. ------ Do you like English? 7. The boys like swimming. ------ Do the boys like swimming? 8. My father goes home late. ------ Does your father go home late?


1.She is a girl. 2.Tom can dance. 3.That’s my uncle. 4.He likes to help to set the dinner table. 5.My teacher comes to school early. 6.They go home at 6:00.

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