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1.It's dangerous to play _____ a fire.

A. for B. in C. on D. with

2.It took me about two days _____ the book.

A. to finish to read B. to finish reading C. finished reading D. finish reading

3.Nearly fifty people _____ their lives in the big fire.

A. lose B. loses C. lostD. losing

4.Hill fires ______ many trees last year.

A. destroy B. destroys C. destroyed D. destroying

5.Peter _____ his lost pen in the playground yesterday.

A. find B. finding C. found D. finds


1.D 这里 play with a fire 表示 “玩弄火”

2.B 这里 It took sb. to do sth. 意为:某人花费某时去做某事,finish 后+doing,所以应该用答案


3.C 这里应该用过去时 lost their lives 是指 “失去了他们的生命”

4.C 这里 last year 是指 “去年”应该用过去时 “destroyed”

5.C 这里是过去时应该用 find 的过去式 found


I’m Peter. My best friend is called Dave. I met him when I was holiday in America. It was a coincidence that we were both from Hong Kong and met each other so far away from home. That was 5 years ago when I was only 8 years old and we have been friends ever since.

Dave has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He wears glasses. I like him because he makes me laugh. He is really funny. He does well at school, better than me, and sometimes he helps me with my homework.

Dave’s favourite sport is baseball. His father is from America and baseball is very popular there. Dave collects baseball cards with pictures of his favourite players on them. His uncles in New York send him the cards. They have also sent him a baseball cap and shirt to wear.

When we use older, Dave and I are going back to America. We’re going to buy an old car and drive around different places… and we’ll go to a lot of baseball games.

A. Hong Kong B. America

C. China D. New York

1.Peter met Dave in ____.

A. Hong Kong B. America C. China D. New York

2.He likes Dave because Dave _____.

A. is funny and makes him laugh B. has dark brown hair and brown eyes C. helps him with his homework D. is better than him in the class

3.Dave’s father ______.

A. sends him baseball cards B. lives in New York C. is good at playing baseball D. is from America

4.Dave collects baseball cards because _____.

A. he is a baseball player B. he has a baseball cap and shirt C. they are very beautiful D. baseball is his favourite sport

5.When they are back to America, they are going to _____.

A. visit many baseball players B. buy a new car C. a lot of baseball games D. join a baseball team


1.B. Peter在美国遇见了Dave.

2.A. 他喜欢Dave因为Dave是有趣的并使他发笑.

3.D. Dave的父亲来自美国.

4.D. 棒球是他最爱的运动.

5.C. 他们将进行棒球比赛.


It is easier to go down a hill than to climb up a hill,so it is easier to fall into bad habits than form good ones. Bad habits do not come __1__. They come __2__ while people do not notice their danger. Schoolboys first pick up little bad habits in schools and on the streets. When they cannot finish their lessons, they learn from their classmates. If they see bigger boys smoking, they also __3__ to learn to smoke. When they get bigger, the habits become so strong that they can __4__get rid of them. From copying, they fall __5__, then they learn to steal, and to smoke.

1. A. easily B. suddenly C. quicklyD. slowly

2. A. all the time B. more and more C. little by little D. step by step

3. A. like B. enjoy C. want D. have

4. A. no longer B. soon C. before longD. easily

5. A. beside B. fast C. before D. behind


1.B. Bad habits do not come suddenly. 意为 “坏习惯不是突然而来的.”

2.C. They come little by little. 意为 “他们逐渐而来.”

3.C. They also want to learn to smoke. 意为 “他们总是学着吸烟.”

4.A. They can not longer get rid of them. 意为 “他们不在去除它们.”

5.D. fall behind 意为 “落在后面.”



D____ f_____ t_ t___ o__ t__ l____ w___ y__ l____.


T__ e____ m__ u___ f___ f__ k______ w___.


W___ w___ t__ w______ b_ l___ t________


T__ f______ p__ o__ t__ f___ q______.


Y__ m___ l___ a____ y___ s_____ w___.



Don't forget to turn off the light when you leave.


The early men used fire for keeping warm.


What will the weather be like tomorrow?


The firemen put out the fire quickly.


You must look after your sister well.

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