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湘少版 Unit 7-12重点内容复习考试


1. you have any do hobbies?

2.hobbies do you what have?

3.is my reading hobby.

4.time what do get up you ?

5.I get at 6:50 up.

6.you are here.

7.help my father helps me .

8.cleans the windows my

9.that what does


13.the coming is .

14.teacher the is not here.

15.let’s fun have.

2 快乐进步 不走弯路

三.给单词选择正确的图片,把代号写在( )中。

( ) 1.No smoking ( ) 2.clock ( ) 3.bike ( ) 4. lollipop

( )5. vegetables ( )6.cold drink ( ) 7.rabbit ( ) 8.bread

( ) 9. basket ( )10. soup

五.找出相应答语,将代号填在( )中.

( )1. What time do you get up ? A. It’s means “Do not turn left”. ( )2. Can I borrow your pen ? B. I like swimming .

( )3. What does that sing mean? C.I get up at 6:30.

( )4. Do you have any hobbies? D. The red one, please. ( )5. Which one do you like , the E.Yes, you can . yellow one or the red one .


My family has five members. We are all very busy at weekends. On Saturday morning, My father cleans his car. My mother cooks breakfast and then goes to the supermarket. My brother does his homework all the morning. My little dog Bobby and I go to the park for a walk. In the afternoon, my family go to visit my grandparents. They live in a small village.

On Sunday, we have dinner in my grandparents’home. Then we go back home. 根据短文内容判断下列句子的正(T)误(F)

1.( )Five members are I, father,mother,brother and grandparents.

2.( )My father has a car.

3.( )My brother does his homework every morning.

4.( )We have dinner at home with my grandpa and grandma.

5.( )My grandparents live in a small village.

4 快乐进步 不走弯路

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