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姓名______ 成绩_____


1. My sister is a bank clerk. _____ works in a bank near here.

A. She B. He C. I D. You

2. The question is very easy, ______ nobody can answer it.

A. or B. and C. but D. so

3. Peter is popular in the school. When he has time, he likes ________ jokes.

A. telling B. talking C. saying D. speaking

4. —

—I went to Paris. It was wonderful.

A. What B. Where C. Who D. When

5. Xu Qian does not think she is good-looking. She hopes to have a new _______.

A. look B. dress C. small nose D. body

6. —What does your father look like?

—He ______ medium build and has curly hair.

A. is B. was C. does D. has

7. What size of desert would you like? Small, medium, ____ large?

A. and B. or C. with D. but

8. I feel __. It’s raining. The TV programs are boring. And I have no one to talk to.

A. great B. terrible C. pretty good D. not bad

9. —What did your mother do over the weekend? —She _____ home.

A. stays at B. stayed at C. is staying at D. staied at

10. ______ run in the hallways. It’s dangerous.

A. Don’t B. Can’t C. Mustn’t D. Aren’t

11. —What did you do last weekend?

—I was busy from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon and _______ Sunday evening I watched TV.

A. on B. at C. in D. ×

12. Anderson is the _______ of the football team because he is the best player.

A. teacher B. captain C. friend D. classmate

13. —Can I help you? —____________.

A. I’d like some dumplings, please B. No, please

C. Of course not. D. I can do it myself

14. I enjoy _______ your “What’s Cool?” article in the school magazine.

A. seeing B. reading C. watching D. looking

15. My aunt has a ___________.

A. five-years-old boy B. five-year old boy

C. five-year-old boy D. five year old boy

16. —I like watching TV very much. How about you?

—_________. I watch it every night.

A. I do, too B. I don’t, either C. Yes, I am D. No, I don’t

17. Wang Wang was lost in the park last month. Old Henry is very ______ because he has no dog and no family now.

A. glad B. excited C. sad D. interested

18. —Look at the sign. What does it mean?

— It means ________.



19. Lucy’s favorite TV show is Tell it like it is. She _______ it and hopes to join it one day.

A. can’t stand B. doesn’t mind C. enjoys D. doesn’t like

20. The girl ______ long hair is my cousin Maggie.

A. has B. have C. in D. With

1. Wow, so much delicious food, ________, ________ and _______. But I’d like so me tea first.

2. These _____, _____, and _____ are not in fashion. Few young people like them.

3. Turn on the TV and you can enjoy many TV programs like ______, _____, ____ and _____.

三、连词成句 (共10分,每小题2分)

1. she, what, does, think, sports,of, shows ?


2. go, he,on,to, Central Park, did, vacation ?


3. did, what, do, last,you, weekend?


4. eat, we, can, but,in the dining hall,in the classroom,we ,can’t


5. he, a, would, small, of, bowl, egg, like, tomato, and, noodles _____________________________________________________________________



I am at .


He is of the Reading Club.


Let me you .


I live from the school.


I hope his dream .


1. I walk to school. (同义句)

I go to school .

2. All the people have fun at Millie’s birthday.(同义句)

All the people have at Millie’s birthday .


is your father?

4. My brother has lunch at school every day. (否定句)

My brother lunch at school every day.

5. He does his homework every day. (一般疑问句)

he his homework every day?


(child) all like to go to KFC for dinner.

2. Dad and Mum will come to the (parent) meeting in the afternoon.

3. My father and mother are members of the (swim) Club.

4.Yao Ming is my favourite basketball (play).

5. There are all (kind) of books in the bookshop.

6. She likes (数学).

7. Can I (借) your rubber?


9. The school 大门) opens at 6:30a.m.and closes at 7 p.m.

10.The first day of the week is (星期日).



My name is Li Hua. I’m in No.10 Middle School. I’m in Class 1, Grade 1. There’re forty-seven students. Twenty-nine of us are boys. And the others are girls. There are two English girls in my class. Their names are Lucy and Lily.

( )1. Li Hua is .

A.a teacher B.twelve years old C.a student D.an English girl

( )2. How many girls are there? .

A.Forty-seven B.Twenty-nine C.Twenty- eight D.Eighteen

( )3. Are all the boys Chinese? .

A.Yes, there are B.No, there aren’t C.Yes, they are D. No, they aren’t

( )4. Are all the girls Chinese? .

A.Yes, there are B.No, There aren’t C.Yes, they are D.No, they aren’t

( )5. There are two .

A.Englishmen B.English girls C.American boys D.American girls


Sue and Linda usually go to school by car. They drive past(经过)a cinema(电影院), a supermarket and a toy shop. The toy shop is next to (在??隔壁)the supermarket. Jack and Mike usually go to school by bus. They go past a bank(银行)and a post office. The bank is next to the post office. Mary usually goes to work by bike. She rides past the bank, a police station, and a library.

( )1.How many people are there in this passage(短文)?

A. Two. B. Three. C. Four. D. Five.

( )2. How does Linda go to school?

A. By bike. B. By bus. C. By car. D. We don’t know.

( )3. Which is the bank?

A.A. B.B

( )4.The library is ______.


( )5.The _____ is next to the cinema.

A. school B. supermarket

C.C C.C D.D D.D D. post office C. toy shop

八、作文:根据所给提示,以“My Friend”为题,写一篇不少于50词的小短文。(20分) 提示:

1、 朋友叫张华,英文名字叫 Tony,1.75米高,短头发,戴眼镜。

2、 在七年级3班。

3、 喜欢打篮球。

4、 想成为一名篮球运动员。

5、 下个星期,他将和我一起参观动物园,我们正期盼着那一天。




21~25 A B A B A

26~30 A B B B A

31~35 A B A B C

36~40 A C C C D


1. A, F, H

2. B, D, J

3. C, E, G, I


1. What does she think of sports shows?

2. Did he go to Central Park on vacation?

3. What did you do last weekend?

4. We can eat in the dining hall but we can’t eat in the classroom.

5. He would like a small bowl of egg and tomato noodles.


1. children 2. parents’ 3.Swimming 4.player 5.kinds

6. Math(s )/math(s) 7. borrow 8.library 9.gate


1. on foot 2. a good time 3. What

4. doesn’t have 5. Does do


1. good swimming

2. a member

3. show around

4. far away

5. comes from

七、H:1-5 CDCDB 6-10 DCCDB


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