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人教朗文英语8年级下册Unit 16 What a good

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Unit 16 What a good,kind girl!


1. 通过本单元的学习了解新的词汇,如 across等



Part 1


1. Go across the bridge. You’ II find the library on the left.


2.You can’t miss it.

(1)miss在这里相当于no find或not see,“未看见”的意思。

(2)miss还相当于be late for或not catch,“错过”“没赶上”的意思。 He missed the early bus yesterday morning.

3.What’s the matter?

What’s the matter? 相当What’s wrong? 或What’s the trouble?

4.Ah,so it is.


(l)—He could sing some English songs when he was ten years old. —So he could.

(2)—It’s raining heavily outside.

—Ah, so it is.



_____, he refused to cooperate with us.

A. Surprise B. Surprising C. Surprised D. To our surprise

【答案】 D


To one`s surprise令某人惊奇


When does the train reach the station? Please go and _____.

A. find it out B. find out it C. look for it D. find i



Find out查找出来


1. The boy _____ the computer games.

A. forgot himself in B. enjoyed himself for

C. left himself in D. lost himself in

2. We will have a sports meeting if it ______ next week.

A. doesn’t rain B. won’t rain C. no rains D. don’t rain

3. Congratulations _____ you _____ passing the exam.

A. to, in B. to, on C. to, at D. on, to

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