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人教朗文英语8年级下册Unit 21 She taught herself

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Unit 21 She taught herself



2.辨析. hope和wish


Part 1


1. 反身代词 using reflexive pronouns


She began to teach herself English when she was eight.

Did you enjoy yourself at the party last night?

My baby sister can’t wash herself yet.

The old man lives by himself in that old house.

I thought to myself I didn’t do anything wrong.


The tiger himself didn’t often go to look for food.

=The tiger didn’t often go to look for food himself.

I myself have never been there.

=I have never been there myself.

How I wish I could hear Beethoven himself play it.

You’d better ask Mary herself.

I spoke to Mr. Smith himself.

2. hope和wish

“hope”和“wish”都有“希望”的意思,但在用法上有所区别。hope后面可接不定式或that从句,hope表示的是可以实现或能达到的“希望”。hope不能接“宾语+不定式”。 I hope to see you again.

I hope she didn’t hurt herself.

I hope you can help me with my maths .

wish后面接不定式或“宾语+不定式”都可以,其意义相当于“想要,希望”(=would like或want)。wish 接that 从句时一般表示某种强烈地又难以实现的“愿望”。 I wish to see him right now. 我想马上见到他。

I wish him to do well at school. 我希望他在学校成绩出色。

I wish I could fly like a bird. 但愿我能像鸟一样飞。

I wish you happy. 祝你幸福。

I wish you a happy new year. 祝你新年快乐。

3. One evening Beethoven was walking in a street when he suddenly stopped outside a little house.


I was doing my homework last night when the light went out.

I was just falling asleep when there was a loud knock at the door.

He was just starting out when it began to rain.

From the hall came a girl’s voice.


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