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人教朗文英语8年级下册Unit 25 The accident

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Unit 25 The accident


1. 通过本章的学习了解新的词汇,如cause等



Part 1


(一)cause vt. 引起,带来

1. cause sth. 引起某事

Driving too fast can cause an accident.

2. cause sb. sth. 带给某人某事

This car caused me a lot of trouble.

3. cause sb. / sth. to do sth. 引起某人(某物)干某事

His illness caused him to miss the game.

4. cause sth. to sb. / for sb. 给某人带来??

He often causes trouble to / for people.

(二)luckily adv. 幸运地 lucky adj. 幸运的 luck n. 运气

1. Have a good luck. 祝你好运。

2. I am lucky enough to have got this job.

3. Luckily, he was not badly hurt.

(三)imagine vt. 想象,猜想,料想

1. 后接名词或代词

You can not imagine their surprise at hearing the news.

2. 后接doing sth.

Try to imagine being on the moon.

3. 后接从句

You can’t imagine how I missed you all.

(四)Let’s move the bag, or it may cause an accident.


1. Be careful with your bag, or it will be lost. =Your bag will be lost if you aren’t careful with your bag.

2. Come and see him today, or he will be leaving tomorrow. =He will be leaving tomorrow if you don’t come and see him today.

3. Speak louder please, or nobody can hear you.=Nobody can hear you if you don’t speak louder.

4. Let’s return the book to the library now, or we will be fined. =We will be fined if we don’t return the book to the library now.

(五)He did not see the bag until it was too late.


1. I’m sorry I didn’t write to you until now.

2. He did not stop smoking until he was very ill.

3. I didn’t speak of it until yesterday.

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