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Passage 1

.Marta _________ a box of old photographs, looking for the baby's portrait.

.The cost of the house may be lower than we first thought; but ________ it will still be beyond our reach.

.The struggle between the drug company and the Government over prices finally ________ a satisfactory settlement.

.She was on a plane ________ Moscow

.As soon as I was________ , I began to have second thoughts about leaving

Passage 2

.A week after the operation, the little boy looked ________ .

.I saw the baby was about to fall off the bed and caught it just ________ .

.Listen to the laughter of the children ________ . How happy they are!

.It's getting late - I think it's time to ________ home.

.It's going to rain; we'd better ________ our things and go indoors.

Passage 3

perfection storage clap observe exclusive

defend survey interview quit cover

1. The audience ________ enthusiastically at the end of the play.

2. Torrence expects to ________ her title successfully in the next Olympics.

3. Would you ________ your job if you inherited lots of money?

4. They are still working hard on the ________ of their new painting technique.

5. As a new journalist, I could not afford to lose the chance to ________ Chris Chamberlain about this issue.

6. The latest ________ shows a majority in support of government policy.

7. The reporter managed to get a(n) ________ interview with the Prime Minister.

8. We've had to build some cupboards to give us more ________ space.

9. "I've always found German cars very reliable," he ________ .

10. Robinson was sent to Italy to ________ the 1990 World Cup.

Passage 4

purely perceive discourage dynamics unlikely

specialty reasonably sink extended actually

1. The economy in that country ________ deeper and deeper into crisis.

2. My father was a historian and his ________ was the history of Germany.

3. They decided to close the museum ________ and simply because it cost too much to run.

4. The local government has decided on new measures to ________ car use in favour of public transportation.

5. It's pretty ________ that they'll turn up now — it's nearly ten o'clock.

6. The interchange of ideas aids an understanding of group_______ .

7. She says it's a good film and recommends it to all her friends, though she hasn't ________ seen it.

8. Stop shouting and let's discuss this_________ .

9. People now ________ that green issues are important to our future.

10. Kathy and Eric run this small hotel as an " ________ home", which should give you a good idea of the atmosphere of warmth and hospitality there.

Passage 5

sustain obstacle emphasize undergo restore

bound appearance shift invincible approval

1. With one ________ the dog was over the fence.

2. We don't have sufficient resources to ________ our campaign for long.

3. She realized that being unable to speak a foreign language was a major ________ to her career.

4. The actor said that he felt quite ________ after the holiday, and was ready to work again.

5. I'm only 16, and I'm afraid I can't sign these papers without my parents'________ .

6. The ________ in the balance of power in the region has far-reaching consequences.

7. I'd like to ________ the point that we are ready to meet with the management at any time.

8. You won't have to ________ a medical examination, or any probing questions about your health or occupation.

9. When you're young you think you are________; you feel you can achieve anything.

10. She was making a public ________ signing copies of her latest novel.

41. 我们得把感情放在一边,从专业的(professional)角度来对待这件事。(from a...standpoint)

42. 这部戏非常精彩,我很快就沉浸于激动人心的剧情之中。(lose oneself in)

43. 他说他是直接从市长本人那里得到这个信息的。(first-hand)

44. 她在公共汽车站一直等到末班车进站。(come in)

45. 如果我们能帮得上忙,尽管和我们联系。(contact)

46. 虽然她的新书没有上一本好,但是我还是喜欢它。(not quite as)

47. 许多车子都驶过去了,可是没有一辆愿意让我们搭便车。(roll by)

48. 他按妻子的吩咐,一下班就去了市场。(make one's way

49. 这是一本关于商务实践而非理论的书。(as opposed to)

50. 直到1911年人们才发现第一种维生素(vitamin)。(It is not until...that)

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