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二年级 口语测试模拟题 (2)

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二年级口语模拟题 (2)

1. Read the following words and phrases. (认读单词, 30%)

Puppet peacock volleyball zoo Uncle Booky

fire goat hand insect jacket kangaroo

2. Read the following sentence. (认读句子,15%)

What a lovely dog!

This is Danny Deer.

He is from the USA.

This isn’t Lulu.

3. Answer the following questions. (问答 15%)

Where are you from?

How’s the weather today?

What’s your favorite food?

Is he from Canada?

4. Talk about the picture. (看图说话 20%)

( Peter USA /Tommy UK /Wang Lin China / Cathy Canada)

5. Recite the story “Self-introduction ”. (20%)

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