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learn talk

learn talk

What’s your favorite season?






1. What’s the weather like in winter? It’s cold. 2. Is summer very hot? Yes, it is.

3. Which season do you like best? I like spring best. 4. What’s your favorite season? I like fall.

Let’s talk
Zhang: Which season do you like best?

Mike: Fall. It’s always sunny and cool. Which season do you like best?
Zhang: Winter. I can play with snow. Mike: I don’t like winter. It’s too cold.

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Halloween: 万圣节之夜。在西方 国家,每年的10月31日。

Thanksgiving: 感恩节 美国的
节日, 每年11月的最后一个星期四。

fly kites

make a snowman

plant trees



Chen: What’s your favorite season, Sarah? Sarah: Spring.

Chen: Why do you like spring? Sarah: Because I can plant trees.

Sarah:Which season do you like best?

Chen:Winter. Sarah:Why do you like winter? Chen:Because I can skate.

It’s summer. Zoom and Zip swim in the lake. They are happy. Zip: I like summer. Zoom: Why do you like summer? Zip: Because I can swim in the lake.

Spring comes. Zoom and Zip wake up. They fly kites. Zoom: I like winter. Zip: Why do you like winter? Zoom: Because I can sleep a long time.

spring best. It’s I like _______ green ______. warm Everywhere is ______. I can ____________ plant trees in spring.

summer hot I like _______best. It’s very ____. But I can ______ swim in summer.

fall I like ______ best. The weather is ______. I can _________ cool go hiking and _____________ climb mountains with my friends.

air /?? / ear 辅 音 群 sp sk bear wear swear spell sky pear splash skirt air hair chair stair

speak speed ski skate

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