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Unit 1 (1)

1. family and relatives 家庭和亲戚

2. a family tree 一个家谱

3. my grandfather 我的爷爷

4. your uncle 你的叔叔

5. his aunt 他的姑姑

6. her cousin 他的表妹(弟)

7. our mother 我们的妈妈

8. their sons 他们的儿子们

9. My name is Alice.= I am Alice. 我是Alice.

10. This is my daughter. 这是我女儿。

11. These are his friends. 这些是他的朋友们。

12. We are their grandsons. 我们是他们的外孙们。

Unit 1 (2)

1. get a lot of presents 得到许多礼物

2. get a birthday card from sb. 从某人那儿得到一张生日卡

3. in pairs 成双地;成对地

4. Happy birthday (to sb.) (祝某人)生日快乐

5. Happy New Year. 新年快乐

6. Merry Christmas. 圣诞快乐

7. make a birthday card for sb. 为某人制作一个生日卡

8. one of your family members 你的家庭成员之一

9. her relatives 她的亲戚们

10. his daughter 他的女儿

11. our cousins 我们的表兄妹们

12. their sons 他们的儿子们

Unit 1 (3)

1. They are my family and relatives. 一般疑问句:

Are they your family and relatives? Yes, they are. No, they aren’t.

2. 一般疑问句:Do you have two uncles? Yes, I do. No, I don’t.


How many uncles do you have? I have one/ two.

3. talk about each other’s family members 论各自的家庭

4.go cycling 去骑自行车

5.go swimming 去游泳

6.what else 别的什么

7.go shopping 去购物 谈

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