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UnIT1 第一课时

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Unit One

Tall, tall, tall! Make yourself tall.

Big, big, big! Make your eyes big.

Long, long, long! Short, short, short! Make your arms long. Make yourself short.

Small, small, small! Short, short, short! Make your eyes small. Make your arms short.

tall short

Liu Xiang is tall , Yao Ming is taller than Liu Xiang.

Pan Changjiang is short , Hu Tutu is shorter than Pan Changjiang.



Schwarzenegger is stronger than Tyson.

young old Cun Zhang is older than Mei
Yangyang. Mei Yangyang is younger than Cun Zhang.

Tom VS Jerry

Wukong VS Bajie

taller shorter bigger smaller stronger older younger

Zoom VS Zip

Cun Zhang VS Mei Yangyang

A: How tall are you?

B: I’m… cm. What about you? A: I’m… cm. I’m taller / shorter than you.


How old are you? How tall are you?
完成后对表格进行口头汇报: 如:Wu Yifan is 12 years old. He is 164cm.

…is …taller/shorter than ….
… is …older/younger than ….

身高 体重 年龄

Lily Lucy Tom Mike 151cm 152cm 160cm 164cm 40kg 11 39kg 12 52kg 12 55kg 13

1)Lily is__ and __than Lucy, Tom and Mike.

2)Mike is__than Tom. He is 164 cm.

3)Tom is__than Lily, He is 12 years old.

4)Lily is__and__than Lucy. She is 40 kg.

5)____is___ than ____.

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