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(new)Christmas 课件 圣诞节

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Unit 3 lesson 4 Christmas
Lecturer: Yin Quanqin
No.5 senior high school Nanyang



snowman Father Christmas

Christmas pudding

turkey presents Christmas tree decorations


Match the main ideas with paragraphs.
A. Activities on November Para. 1 Activities before Christmas Eve Part 1 C.Activities on December Para. 2 Time E. Activities on Christmas Eve Para.23 Activities Part on Christmas Eve Order Para. 4 B. Activities on Christmas morning Part 3 Activities on Christmas Day D. Activities on Christmas afternoon Para. 5

A. Activities on November B. Activities on Christmas morning C. Activities on December D. Activities on Christmas afternoon E. Activities on Christmas Eve

Festivals always bring us unforgettable moments. I still remember how I spent …

Father Christmas wrote a letter to ________________ gave it to mother to_________ post new year calendar opened the_________________ ___________arrived, _________appeared cards lights town carol service attended the______________ made___________ snowman had____________________ snowball fights

before Christmas Eve

What did they do on Christmas Eve?
Time Activities
decorated ____________the house __________arrived relatives left _____________________for wine and biscuits Father Christmas stockings the end of beds put __________at tried to___________ stay awake

On Christmas Eve

On Christmas day, What did people do?
Time Activities
church went to_______________ new presents played with ___________________ had lunch with a big_________ turkey Christmas pudding ate_____________________ Christmas carols sang____________________ (adults): listened to the Queen’s speech ______________________ (kids): cards played_____________ had tea with a Christmas cake ______________________covered with snowmen fell into deep,happy sleep _____________a

On Christmas Day

Answer the multiple-choice questions.
( B ) 1 Who do you think reads the children’s letters?
A. Father Christmas B. their parents C. nobody A. sing songs B. give presents C. watch a play

( A ) 2 What do you think people do in a carol service?

( B ) 3 What happened on Christmas eve? A. the writer stayed awake all night. B. someone put presents in his stocking. C. the writer saw Father Christmas
( C ) 4 After Christmas lunch___. A. the children watched the Queen’s speech on TV B. The children made a snowman C. Everybody had more to eat

Memories of Christmas

attended town

carol service

wrote a letter

Memories of Christmas

put the stockings…..

Memories of Christmas

…Queen’s speech had lunch played with… …turkey

played cards went to church sang…carols ate…cake

Discuss in groups and compare the differences and similiarities between Christmas and the Spring Festival.

The Spring Festival Christmas Time
lunar January;

December 25 turkey ,cakes ,pudding
Sing Christmas carol, stay awake to see Father Christmas, etc Christmas tree , balloons, lights all k

inds of gifts

Food Activities
Decoration presents

family dinner dumplings
staying-up make dumplings , set off firecrackers paper-cuts ,

SpringFestival couplets,
New Year paintings etc,

gift money


the most important festival in the country, people get together at their homes.

Write your memories of an unforgettable

festival down in order of time

See you! SEE YOU

A tip
Festivals can not only bring people joy and fun, also convey some cultural meaning, therefore, we should pass down some customs when celebrating each festival.

In what order did the children do these things 2 5 3 1 4 6 7
open the new year calendar put their stockings at the end of the bed c) attend the town carol service d) write a letter to Father Christmas e) put up the Christmas tree f) go to church g) have Christmas cake
a) b)

Memories of Christmas

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