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6A Unit 3 It was there(张萍)2012.10.31

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6A Unit 3 It was there! (EFG)
南京市海英小学 张萍

A careless boy


Now, the room is tidy and clean but yesterday…


What a mess! (多乱啊!) There were lot of things in it. Guess! What are they?

1. We put them on our ears and listen to music. earphones CD Walkman 2. We put the CDs in it. 3.We put it in the camera. film 4.We can take it with us very day. We call our friends with it. mobile phone 5.You can see them on Miss Zhang’s nose every glasses day. 6. You use it to record (记录) what happens (发生的事)day by day diary

Where were these things? yesterday
Try to go to the other groups and exchange the information!(去拿不同颜色 纸条的组交换信息吧!) Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 5 Group 6 Group 4

Group 7

Group 4

Yesterday,the diary was on the sofa. The mobile phone was on the table. The CD Walkman was on the chair. The glasses were under the table. The films was on the ground. The earphones were under the chair. Oh, what a mess!

Where’s my…?

1. Where was the diary a moment ago? It was in the bedroom a moment ago. 2. Where is the diary now? Sorry, I don’t know.

Where’s my dairy? Oh, where’s my diary? I just can’t find it. It was in my bedroom a moment ago. Perhaps it’s in my schoolbag. Perhaps under my bed. Oh, where? Where’s my diary? Where’s my diary?

Singing Contest

A. Sing beautifully!

B. Make a song!
Oh, where is my...?I just can’ t find it. It was in my ... a moment ago. Perhaps it’s ....Perhaps .... Oh, where? Where’s my ...?Where’s my ...?


The toy bear was under the pear tree over there, but where is it now?





Let’s read.

1.在小组内读一读卡片上的单词和句子,注意体会 相同的发音,互相帮助。 2.音乐响起时,请将卡片传递给下一组。



Try to remember where the things are when you put the things.

游戏语言 A: Try to remember where the things are. Close your eyes. 记得 The…is/are in the… box now. Where was it/ were they a moment ago? B: It was/They were in the ….box. A: No, it wasn’t /they weren’t in the... box. B: It was/They were in the ….box. A: Yes, you’re right.

小组交流:How do we use “was” and “were”?

A careless monkey

was isn’t





were you

Put everything in good order, You can find them easily.


1.听录音,读一读G部分的故事,唱一唱歌曲。 2. 回忆今天记忆物品位置的游戏语言, 并记录在作业本上。 3. 尝试在小组内表演绘本故事“Where’s the key!”。 4. 发挥想象,写一篇寻物的短文,可以配上漫 画。

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