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班级 姓名 成绩 书写评价 家长意见 家长签字

一、 听问句,选择正确的答语( 10 )

1. A.Yes, it is. B. No, it is. C. Yes, it is. 2. A. It’s on the sofa. B. It’s on the first floor. C. It’s a music room. 3 . A. Thank you. B. No, it isn’t. C. You are right. 4. A. This is my school. B. Oh, it’s beautiful. C. No, it isn’t. 5. A. I have three. B. I am three. C. There are three. 二、排队(12) ( )How beautiful!

( )It’s big. Is that the canteen?

( )This is our school. This way, please. ( )No, it isn’t. It’s the computer. ( )This is the gym. ( )Oh, I see. Thank you. 三、连线(15)

( )1. Don’t drink or eat. A. in the library. ( )2. Don’t push B. in the garden . ( )3. Don’t waste food C. in the hallway. ( )4. Be quiet D. in the computer room. ( )5. Don’t walk on the grass E. In the canteen.


( ) 1.Do you have a garden? A. Thank you. ( )2.Where is the canteen? B, No, it isn’t. ( ) 3.Your school is beautiful. C. Yes, we do. ( ) 4. How many students are there? D. It’s on the first floor. ( ) 5. Is that the canteen? E. There are forty. 五、连词成句(20)

1. is my this classroom________________________. 2. your is that desk _____________________________. 3. this an art is room(?)

4.you a do gym 六、选择填空

( )1 It’s time for lunch. Let’s go to the _______.

A garden B library C canteen ( )2 Be quiet in the ____.

A garden B library C canteen ( ) 3 ---Is this a fan? ----_________. A Yes, this is. B Yes, it is. C It’s a fan.

( )4---Where is the ________office?---It’s on the first floor.

A teacher’s B teachers’ C teachers ( )5 This is ____bag. It’s not ____bag. A my; you B me ; you C my; your


Welcome to my school. There are 30 classrooms in my school. Look ,this is a big playground. In this building(大楼),you can see the gym, the library and the art room are on the first floor. There are many story-books and picture books in the library. You can see read boos in it. My classroom is on the second floor. It’s big and clean. I like it. ( )1 There are______classrooms in my school.

A thirty B thirteen

( )2 The playground is ____.

A big B small

( ) 3The library is on the_____ floor A. first B second ( )4-- My classroom is____.

A clean B small ( )5 I____ my school. A don’t like B like 八、 附加题 用 am, is ,are填空 (1)You ____very strong. (2) I ___in the library.

(3)—How _____you? ---Fine, thank you. (4)---___this your classroom? ---yes, it is.

(5)What time____it? (6)My bag ____heavy. (7)Where _____the keys? (8)Dinner_ ____ready. (9)Who__ __that man?

(10)—How many students ______there in your cla


班级 姓名 成绩 书写评价 家长意见 家长签字


I get up at ___ in the morning. I go to school at ___.I have lunch at ___o’clock. I go home at ___ in the afternoon. I go to bed at ___.This is my day. 二、英汉互译(20)

一 二 三 四 五 六 七 八 九 十

get up go home go to bed 上学 音乐 吃午饭 晚餐______ 早餐___________


1. time it what is (?)____________________________________

2. four it o’clock is (.)___________________________________

3.is for time it dinner (.)________________________________

4.us to let school go (.)_________________________________

5.time it TV to is watch (.)_____________________________


( )1. What colour is it? A. It’s on the desk. ( )2.How old are you ? B.Thank you. ( )3. Where is my pen? C.It’s three o’clock. ( )4. Welcome to our school. D. It’s red. ( )5.What time is it ? E. Nine. 五、用, at, on,for , to填空 (1)Welcome _____our school

(2)Our canteen is (4)Let ’ s go (5)It’s time 六、选择

(1)Look! We have six __(light lights)

(2) __(Its This is )our art room.

your ) books?

(4) It’s 12:00. It’s time for __(lunch dinner)


Hello, my name is Amy. I get up at six forty. I have breakfast at 7:10. I have four classes in the morning and two classes in the afternoon. I have lunch in the canteen at school. I go home at four fifty. I have (1) ---_______ is your office? --- It’s on the second floor.

(2) ---______girls are there in your class? ---Thirty-three. (3)—_____is it? ---It’s 7:05 dinner at seven o’clock. I go to bed at nine thirty. ( ) 1 I get up at_____. A 6:40 B 6:30 ( ) 2 I have_____at 7:10.

A lunch B breakfast ( ) 3 I have _____classes all day.(全天) A four B six ( ) 4 I have lunch_____

A at school B at home 十、 附加题


(4)---_______ is your father ? (5) I like art. ______you? (6) ---_______is the fan? (7)--- _____are they? mom.

(8)--- ____is your uncle?

---He is forty. ----Me ,too. --- It’s green. ---My dad and my ----He is a teacher.

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