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小学英语三年级(上)期末测试卷 听力内容

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小学英语三年级(上)期末测试卷(一起)听力原文 Ⅰ.听音选出你所听到的单词,将其序号填入括号内。(每题1分,共10分)

1、instead 2、sea 3、man 4、 Friday 5、careful

6、naughty 7、shorts 8、worry 9、 feed 10、airport Ⅱ.听音用数字(1、2、3、4、5)给图片重新排序。(每题2分,共10分)

1、We’re going to visit our grandfather.

2、He’s going to do long jump.

3、I like hamburgers. It’s English fast food.

4、Look at those birds over there.

5、He can run fast.


1、- Can I have an orange, please? —Yes, you can.

2、There are two horses here.

3、She’s got a stomachache.

4、I’m going to be a train driver.


1、She’s got a pet cat.

2、What are these?

3、There are stone lions.

4、I’m going to be a driver.

5、Do you use chopsticks in China?

6、How many stone animals are there?

Ⅴ. 听音按所听顺序用数字(1、2、3、4、5)给句子重新排序。(每题2分共10分)

1、It’s going to be Sports Day on Friday.

2、Daming is going to run a race. He can run fast.

3、Sam can jump far. He’s going to do long jump.

4、Is Amy going to do long jump,too?

5、No, she isn’t. She’s going to do high jump on Sports Day.

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