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3A Module 3 Test

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3A ( Module 3) 期末复习6

Class________ Name__________ No._____

Part 1 Listening 35%

I. Listen and choose.(听音,圈出你听到内容的编号) 12%

( ) 1. A.you B.your ( ) 2.A.blue B.balloon

( ) 3. A.read B.red ( ) 4.A.this B.that

( ) 5.A.hold B.cold ( ) 6.A.here B.hair

( ) 7.A.a big cat B.a big kite ( ) 8.A.my coat B.my boat

( ) 9.A.four pears B.five bears ( ) 10.A.his school B.her school

( ) 11.A.There are many toys in the supermarket.

B.There are many boys in the supermarket.

( ) 12.A.It is a green tree. B.Is it a green tree?

II. Listen and choose.(听录音,选出正确的答句) 12%

( )1.A.I am Kitty. B.You are Kitty. C. She is Kitty.

( )2.A.Yes, it’s a hall. B.No, it’s a classroom. C.No, it’s an office.

( )3.A.He’s five. B.She’s fine. C. She’s nine.

( )4.A.OK. B.You’re welcome. C. I’m sorry.

( )5.A.It’s white. B.They are white. C. They’re in the sky.

( )6.A.I can see an orange. B.I can see orange. C. I can see green. III. Listen and judge.(听对话,判断T或F) 5%

( )1.We can play basketball in the playground.

( )2.How many flowers? Eight.

( )3.My brother’s ball is blue.

( )4.There are many fruits in the supermarket.

( )5.The girl is Judy.

VI.Listen and write.(听录音,完成句子) 6%

1.There are ten __________ in the __________.

2.Is ________ your ball? ______, it is.

3.What can you see? I can see ________ __________.

Part 2 Writing 65%

I. Copy the sentence.(抄写句子,注意大小写和标点) 6%

may i have five oranges please sure

II. Read and judge.(判断单词划线部分的发音,用T或F表示) 6%

( ( ( ( ( ( III. Read and write写出划线单词的同类词6%

1 2 3 ’s farm. IV. Choice.(选择题) 10%

( ) 1.Look at ____ moon. It’s big and yellow.

A.the B./ C.a

( ) 2.I have ____ orange kite.

A.a B.an C.the

( ) 3.____ is the pear? It’s two yuan.

A.How old B.How many C.How much

( ) 4.It’s cold outside. Please ____ the window.

A.close B.clean C.open

( ) 5.How many ___________? One boy.

A.boys B.boies C.boy

( ) 6.There ____ some milk in the bowl.

A.am B.is C.are

( ) 7.Is Miss Fang’s dress nice? Yes, ____ is.

A.he B.she C.it

( ) 8.I like ________ in the playground.

A.hop B.hoping C.to hop

( ) 9.Kitty and Alice _________ a new bicycle.

A.is B.have C.has

( ) 10. I __________ draw a house.

A.am B.have C.can

V .Read and write.(读句子,选词填空, 注意单词的变化形式) 6% (kite, watermelon, library, balloon, father, elephant)

1.There are many books in it. We can read books in it. It’s a ________.

2.Look at the ________. It’s high in the sky.

3.It’s big. It’s green and black. It’s sweet. It’s a _____________.

4.I am an animal. My nose is long. I’m grey. I’m an _________.

5.Look at the man. He’s fat and tall. He can play football. He’s my ________.

6.They’re round. They’re soft and smooth. They’re _____________. VI .Rewrite the sentences.(改变句子) 13%

1.This is Mr Li.(改否定句)

This ______ ______ Mr Li.

2.My eyes are big and black. (改一般疑问句,肯定回答)

______ ______ eyes big and black ? Yes, ______ _______. 划线提问)

__________ ________ is the ball?


________ __________ __________ do you want?


________ __________ is the boat?

VII. Fill in the blanks with the proper forms of the given words :5%

1. Here ________ (be ) some orange juice for you, Jane.

2. Look at the _____________( butterfly). They’re so beautiful.

3. He can _________ ( ride ) a bicycle. But he ______ (can) play badminton.

4. This is my classmate. _________ (she ) name’s Judy.

5.It is _________ (rain ). The _______ (seed) are happy.

VIII.Read and judge.(读短文,回答下列问题) 5%

Today is Sunday. It’s a fine day. Candy and Jerry are in the park. The park is big and beautiful. There are many trees and flowers in the park. The flowers are red, purple and pink. Candy can see a dog on the grass. It’s brown. But Jerry can’t see it. He can hear a bird in the tree. It’s red and yellow. It’s cute. They are happy today.

1. Where are Candy and Jerry? _________________________________.

2. Is the park small? _________________________________________.

3. What colour is the dog ? _________________________________.

4. Can Jerry hear a bird? ___________________________________.

5. How are Jerry and Candy today? ____________________________.

IX .Think and write: (写你的一位好朋友,至少五句,三种以上句型) 5% My friend


Listening Content

I.Listen and choose.(听音,圈出你听到内容的编号)

1.you 2.balloon 3.red 4.this 5.cold 6.here

7.a big cat 8.my coat 9.five bears 10.his school

11.There are many toys in the supermarket.

12.It is a green tree.

II.Listen and choose.(听录音,选出正确的答句)

1.Who are you, little girl? 2.Is this a classroom?

3.How old is she, Ben? 4.Thank you.

5.What colour are the clouds?

6.Red mix yellow. What colour can you see?

V.Listen and judge.(听对话,判断T或F)

1.Hi, Tom. What do you like doing? I like playing basketball. Can you play it in the playground? Yes, I can.

2.Look, there are many flowers in the park. Yes. How many flowers are there? Three red flowers and five pink flowers.

3.Who’s he? He’s my brother. Is this his ball? Yes, his ball is blue.

4.Wow! The supermarket is very big. Yes, it’s big and clean. I can see many apples, oranges and bananas in it.

5.Look at the girl. She’s short and thin. Is she Judy? No, she isn’t. She’s Kitty. VI.Listen and write.(听录音,完成句子)

1. There are ten pupils in the library.

2. Is this your ball? Yes, it is. 3. What can you see? I can see some bananas.

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