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( )1. A. sixty B.fifty C.ninety

( )2. A. he B.eleven C.she

( )3. A.forty B.by C.my

( )4. A.paper B.eraser C.Danny

( )5. A.school B.chalk C.chair

( )6. A.reading B.ready C.bread

( )7. A.hat B.say C.apple

( )8. A.where B.who C.what


(My, I ) name is Zhang Hong.

( have, has ) seven books in her bag.

3.The paper is (in ,at) the desk.

4.This is (pen, paper).

(desk, chairs) are there in the library?

6.Lucy is (read, reading) a book in the library.

7.This is (he,his) pencil case.

8.Let’ (on,at) the chair.


( )1.Steven is behind Danny. Danny is________Steven. A. Beside B. on C. in front of

( )2.—_________ is Steven? —He is under the desk. A. What B. How C. Where ( )3.This is ________eraser. A.an B. a C. Many

( )4.—___________is playing with _________skipping rope. A.He; he B.His; his C. He his ( )5.Mr. Wood is writing on the blackboard_________the chalk. A. with B. in C. use ( )6.How many_______are there on the desk? A. pencil B. pencils C.pen

( )7.This is _______. A.an chalk B.chalks C.chalk ( )8.Look! Steven is ________his pencil in the pencil case. A.put B.putting C.puts

( )9.Let’s _________. A.go shop B. go to shop C.go shopping ( )10.Where is Steven? He is________with his crayon in the classroom. A.draw B.drawing C.draws 四,看图,补全句子。 1 2 34 5

1.—What are these? They are ____________.

2.—Is this a pen or a pencil? It is____ _______.

3.—What is her name? ______ _______ is Jenny.

4.—What is she doing? She is _______ on the paper.

5.__What are they doing? They are _____ _____.


1.How are you? A.It’s on the desk.

2.Nice to meet you. B.Ten.

3.Is this your pencil? C.Fine,thank you.

4.Where’s your book? D.She is playing ping-pong.

5.How many books do you have? E.Nice to meet you,too.

6.What is the girl doing? F.Yes,it’s my pencil.


( )1.当你和熟人见面时,应该说:_____

A.How are you? B.What’s your name? C.Thanks.

( ) 2.当你想问这是谁的铅笔时,应该说:_____

A.What pencil is this? B.Whose pencil is this? C.Where pencil is this?

( ) 3.你想问汤姆的铅笔在哪里时,应该说:_____

A.Where is Tom? B.Where is Tom’s pen? C.Where is Tom’s pencil?

( ) 4.你想问桌子上有多少支刚笔时,应该说:_____

A. How many pens are there on the desk? B. How much pens are there on the desk?

B. How many pens is there on the desk?

( ) 5.你向父母介绍你的朋友时,应该说_____

A. Dad and Mum,this is my friend. B.Dad and Mum,these are my friends.

C.Dad and Mum,these are my friend.

( ) 6.你想问对方“这是你的胶水没吗?”,应该说:_____

A.Is this your glue? B.Is that your glue? C.Is this my glue?

( ) 7.你想表达它不是金的铅笔,应该说:_____

A.It is Kim’s pencil? B.It isn’t Kim’s pen. C.It isn’t Kim’s pencil.

( ) 8.你想说詹妮身体很好时,应该说:______

A.I am fine. B.Jenny is very well. C.Jenny are fine.

( ) 9.你想表达这是纸,应该说:_____

A.This is a paper. B.This is paper. C.This is one paper.

( ) 10.当别人对你说“Nice to meet you.”时,你应该说:_____

A.How old are you? B.How are you? C.Nice to meet you ,too.


Look at this picture. This is a picture of our classroom. Our classroom is very big and nice. In this picture you can see twenty desks and twenty chairs.Our teacher Mr.Zhang is drawing a cat on the blackboard. There is a map behind the door. Under the teacher’s desk , there is a ball. The boy in a black hat is my friend Jimmy. He is a new boy in our class. He is from Canada. We all like him.

( ) 1.This is a picture of our_____.

A. classroom B. gym C. library

( ) 2. What is behind the door?

A. A picture B. A map C. A cat

( ) 3.How many chairs are there in the classroom?

A. Thirty B. Twenty C. Forty

( ) 4.Mr.Zhang is drawing _____ on the blackboard.

A.a dog B. a cat C. a cow

( ) 5.There is _____ under the teacher’s desk.

A. a ball B. a dog C. a cat

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