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( s A.a B.o C.u D.t ( A.a,e B.o,e C.e,a D.i,o ( t A.ar B.ai C.ie D.ei ( st A.ae B.ea C.ie D.io ( d A.ae B.oe C.ea D.ee ( t A.ua B.ar C.ea D.io ( A.a,u B.o,e C.e,u D.a,e ( A.ar B.or C.ee D.ir ( A.a,t B.i,t C.e,t D.a,e ( th A.oa B.or

C.ir D.or 二、找出不同类的单词(10


( )1. A. actor B. father

C. teacher D. cleaner ( )2. A. cloud B. rain C. sun D. seed ( )3. A. classroom B. bookstore C. salesperson D.shoe store ( )4. A. bus B. foot C. plane D. subway ( )5. A. east B. west C. straight D. south 三、看图片,选出相应的单词或短语(10分) ( )1.

A. plane

B. train

( )2. A. traffic lights B. traffic rule

( )3. A. policeman B. engineer

( )

4. A. ride a bike B. play the violin ( )

5. A. post office B. bookstore


A 汉译英 B 英译汉

1.骑自行车_____________ 6. come from___________

2. 电视台记者____________ 7. play a violin__________

3. 摩托车________________ 8. make kites___________

4. 露出,出现______________ 9. get off______________

5. 醒来__________________ 10. traffic rule___________




( )1. We should water.

A. saving B. save C. saves

( )2. What is your hobby?

A. I like singing.

B. She goes to work by bus.

C. Next to the hospital.

( )3. Turn left at the cinema, then __________. It’s on the left.

A. our school B. go straight C. green light

( )4. at the red light.

A. Stop B. Go C. Wait

( )5. The women like some magazines.

A. reading B. watching C. looking

( )6. Tom’s mother teaches English. What does his mother do?

A. She is a policewoman.

B. She is a teacher.

C. She goes to work by car.

( )7. My plant is old.

A. two month B. two months C. two monthes

( )8. What are you going to do this afternoon?

A. Yes, he does.

B. I am going to play football.

C. He likes collecting stamps.

( )9. Does your pen pal live in Shanghai?

A. I like diving. B. He is tall and strong. C. Yes, he does. ( )10. My pen pal likes .

A. paint B. is painting C. painting



2.I walk to school.(改为同义句)

3.Can I go there by bus. (作肯定回答)


4.There is a cinema near here?(改为一般疑问句)

a cinema near here? 用he改写)

going to be a teacher.


1.to go school you do you how(?) 2.is where the museum science(?)

3.are you what to do going this morning (?) 4.where you are tomorrow going (?)

5.I to want a be student (.)

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