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_F_ _K_ _U_ _P_ _I_ _b_ _m_ _t_


1. What time do you get up?

2. I am fine. Thank you .And you?

Ⅲ.找出类别与众不同的单词,将标号填入括号内(12分) ( )1.A.bird B.tiger C.green

( )2.A.bike B.spring C.winter

( )3.A.rice B.father C.noodle

( )4.A.dress B.coat C.thin

( )5.A.square B.white C.star

( )6.A.swim B.hand C.foot


( )1.菠萝 A.banana B.orange C.pineapple ( )2.男孩 A.girl B.boy C.woman ( )3.正方形 A.square B.triangle C.round ( )4.游泳 A.run B.jump C.swim ( )5.面包 A.rice B.bread C.egg ( )6.连衣裙 A.dress B.sock C.shoe ( )7.看电影 A.write B.watch a film C.look at ( )8.图片 A.flag B.space C.picture


Nice to meet you! I’m twelve. How old are you? It’s an apple. What’s this? It’s two o’clock. What time is it? Nice to meet you .too. What’s the weather like? It’s two yuan. How much is the book? Yes.here you are. Can I borrow a pencil? It’s cloudy. What’s he? He is a doctor.


1. drawing good you’re at Peter

2. Enough Have got you money?

3. Others are Some more stories than interesting

4. Picture are in There shops One more


Sally’s bedroom is large .There is a big bed in the room. The bed is near the window. Her magazines are on the bed. And the sneakers are under the bed. The nightstand(床头柜)is next to the bed. There is a lamp on it .And there are two armchairs in the room. The end table is between the armchairs. Sally’s vase is on it.

( ) 1.Sally’s bedroom is small.

( ) 2.Her magazines are on the bed.

( ) 3.The nightstand is far away from the bed.

( ) 4.There is a lamp on the nightstand.

( ) 5.There are two armchairs in the room.

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