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(EEC)四年级英语上册 期末综合测试题(二)

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一、听录音,选择所听到的单词( 10分)

( )1.A.science B. math C. English

( )2.A.salad B. slide C. beside

( )3.A.water B. better C. butter

( )4.A.talk B. jump C. stand

( )5.pan B. pancake C. cake

( )6.A.flour B. our C. your

( )7.A.draw B. sing C. talk

( )8.A.square B. triangle C. circle

( )9.A.green B. blue C. gray

( )10. baseball B. bat C. basketball

二、听录音,从下列选项中选择句子中所包含的单词和词组。( 5分)

( )1.A.swimming B. reading C. walking

( )2.A.fly B. jump C. play

( )3.A.toes B. knees C. arms

( )4.A.book B. look C. cook

( )5.sugar B. butter C. jam

三、听录音,选出适当的回答( 10分)

( )11.A.How do you do? B. Hello. My name is Kate. C. Hello. This is Kate.

( )12.A.Yes,I do. B. Yes, I am. C. Yes, I can.

( )13.A.music B. jam C. table

( )14.A.I’m a student. B. I’m better. C. I’m fine.

( )15.A.I like reading B. I’m cooking C. Yes, I am.


Lily: Hi, Kate. You ride a bike

Kate: Yes, I ride my bike ______ day.

Jimmy: Look at me!

Robo: No, Jimmy. Not in the ______

Ken: Are you all ______?

Jimmy : Oh, My leg _______. Look at my bike.

Robo: Don’t do that_______.


一、词汇 (20分)


1.b_ _eball (棒球) 2.gl_ _es (手套) 3.kn_ _ (膝盖) 4._ _ m (胳膊)

5.s_ g_ r (糖) 6.fl_ _ _ (面粉) 7.vi_ l_ n (小提琴)

8.t_ _ st (烤面包) 9.li_ n (狮子) 10.b_k_ (自行车)

B)、读一读判断下列单词划线部分的发音是否相同。相同用“T”不同用“F” ( )A. swim B. mix ( ) A. face B. pan

( )A. leg B. he ( ) A. doctor B. glove

( )A. knee B. street

C)、1. no(同音词)_________ 2.swim(现在分词)__________ 3.one(序数词)________

4. be careful______________5. 去游泳______________

二、单项选择。 (20分)

1.______Kate there?

A. am B. Are C. Is


A. jump B. play C. playing

3.Let’s go_____ the slide.

A. down B .in C. on

4.I don’t like_______.

A .read B. reading C. reads

5.She_____like playing soccer. A. doesn’t B. don’t C. isn’t

6.Let’s go______ _______.

A. shopping tomorrow B. shop this afternoon C. shopping tomorrow morning

7.We need ______flour.

A. some B. many C. any

8.Now,mix them_____ a spoon.

A. to B. in C. with

9.You’re a good______.

A. cook B. cooks C. cookers

10.—What are you _____?

--We’re playing.

A. doing B. does C. do

11.We need some_____ and_____.

A. flour, egg B. flours, eggs C. flour, eggs

12.--______you walk?

--Yes, I can.

A. Are B. Do C. Can

13.Now,let’s jump_____ the water.

A. in to B. to C. into

14.What is he_____?

A. draw B. drawing C .draws

15.He is______ his bike.

A. rideing B .ride C. riding

三. 根据所给图片替换所给句子的划线部分

’t like singing.


2. First, let’


_________________________ 4.I like dancing. (否定句)


5.Lift your arms. (否定句)



_______ _______ we _______?

What______ you________?

8.You’re a good cook. (用he 作主语替换)


9.any, you, butter, do, have (连词成句)


10.doing, you, what, are, now (连词成句)


11.slide, Let’s, down, the, go (连词成句)


六. 阅读理解。 ( 10分)

Mike is making a phone call.

Mike: Hello ! Is Tom there?

Tom’s mum: Hold on, please. Tom, it’s your phone call.

Tom: Hello, who’s that?

Mike: This is Mike, Tom. What are you doing?

Tom: I’m watching TV. How about you?

Mike:I’m playing a computer game.

Tom: Is it fun(有趣的)?

Mike:Of course. Would you come to my home this afternoon and have a look?

Tom: All right. See you at three thirty.

Mike: See you.

( ) 1. What is Tom doing?

A. He is watching TV. B. He is playing a computer game.

C. He is playing games.

( ) 2. What is Mike doing?

A. He is watching TV. B. He is playing a computer game.

C. He is playing games.

( ) 3. When is Tom going to Mike’s home?

A. At two thirty B. At three thirty C . At three twenty.

( ) 4. Is the computer game fun?

A . Yes, it’s fun. B . No, It isn’t. C. I don’t know.

5. 请把“Mike is making a phone call.”翻译成汉语:


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