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Unit 10 I planted trees(复习巩固)

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Unit 10 I planted trees (复习与巩固)


二.根据上下文或首字母提示补全句子。 a tree in the garden. a nice picture last week.

the floor this morning. 4.Jenny’the dishes after lunch.

? 三.用所给的词改写句子。

1.Tom’s father watches TV every day.(last night)

2.Ben called his mother a minute ago.(now)

3.My brother listened to music yesterday.(every morning)

4.Do they play basketball on Wednesdays?(last Wednesday)

5.The birds are singing now.(yesterday)


( You go yesterday?

A.Do; swimming B.Does; swimming C.Did; swimming ( )2.---What your friend do last Thursday? ----He books.

A.did; read B.does; reads C.do; readed ( trees at last year.

A.plant;tree planted day B.planted;Tree Planting Day C.planted;Tree planted day ( )4.---You can that book. interesting.

A.read; was B.read; is C.read; is ( )5.---Did he dinner this afternoon.

A.study; cooked B.studies; cooks C.studying; cooking 五.连词成句。

1.year, did, what, that, the, do , before(?)

2.Planting, is, day, when, tree(?)

3.a, buy , did, yesterday, hamburger,you(?)

4.Morning,father, Tony ,did, the,his, wash , this ,dishes,help(?) 5.They, Sunday, did, go, Jenny,last swimming(?)

6.planted, I tree Tree Planting Day at(.)


1.以Last Sunday 为题,谈谈你在家里是怎样度过的,要求不少于五句话。 单词参考:get up have breakfast/lunch/dinner wash dishes watch TV call listen cookbreakfast/lunch/dinner paint a picture clean the window/floor/bedroom...


2.请你以The Weather in My Hometown为题,描述一下自己家乡四季的天气状况,要求不少于五句话。

单词参考:in spring/summer/fall/winter hot rainy sunny cloudy weather .....

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