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Dear listeners, here is Jiangsu insititute of economic and trade technology broadcast on live. today is monday 11th march 2013.It's now 7;20pm , I'm Anthony Lee I‘m glad to report the lastest news for you and hope to improve your English through our program.

Our first topic comes to politics,

.Syria's conflicts concerns the international meida,from TIME news,U.S. (Steps Up Aid, But Syria‘s Rebels Want Arms)

It should come as no surprise that Syria?s rebels were underwhelmed by Thursday‘s U.S. pledge of $60 million in direct aid: Although the announcement by

Secretary of State John Kerry in Rome marked Washington?s first direct assistance to the Western backed opposition coalition and reportedly may be accompanied

by non-lethal equipment such as body armor and night-vision gear for rebel forces, the pledges fell short of the rebels‘ principal demand: weapons.Nothing has

changed,‖ the Wall Street Journal was told Thursday by Mohammad Sarmini of the Syrian National Council, the largest bloc in the Western-backed opposition Coalition.

“The U.S. position of no arming [the rebels] is crystal clear.‖ While Sarmini‘s group had boycotted the Rome meeting at which Kerry spoke in protest at the limited

support on offered to the rebels, the Secretary of State had managed to persuade Coalition leader Moaz al-Khatib to reverse his own plan to stay away. Still, even

.Khatib, during a media appearance with Kerry, reportedly complained of ―an international decision to prevent arming Syrian rebels with quality arms

它应该来毫不奇怪, 叙利亚的反政府武装进行深刻的印象周四美国承诺的$ 60万美元的直接援助:虽然国务卿约翰·克里在罗马的公布标志着华盛顿的第一个直接的援助, 以在西方支持的反对派联盟和据报道,可伴有非致命装备,如防弹衣和夜视装备反政府武装的承诺下跌,叛乱分子的主要需求: “ 华尔街日报 “一切都没有改变,被告知周四最大的集团

在西方支持的反对派联盟叙利亚全国委员会,“在美国的地位没有武装[叛军]是清澈的。”虽然Sarmini的研究小组曾抵制的罗马会议在克里讲话以示抗议的有限支持反政府武装提供, 国务秘书曾设法说服联盟领导人Moaz哈提卜扭转远离自己的计划。 不过即使哈提卜,与嘉里建设在一个媒体见面会,据报道, 抱怨 “的国际决策,以防止武装叙利亚的反政府武装提供


News also from TIME. let‘s talk about Europe politics, (The United States Can‘t Insulate Itself From Euro Politics) Italy.It was the Twitter election—in more ways than one. In their presidential vote this week, Italians demonstrated all too well how social media can both capture and paralyze democracy—even as it measures trends perhaps more accurately than traditional tools like polling..But first, let’s deal with the rise of a dysfunctional democracy, stunningly confirmed by the final election results. Months ago, the center left, complacently assuming its ascendancy, chose the comfort of a party warhorse picked in a blatantly rigged primary as the coalition’s candidate for prime minister. The 38-year-old mayor of Florence, Matteo Renzi, a Blair-Brown-Clinton-like figure, was blocked as a modernizer-too-far who threatened the old order of patronage and preferment; he almost certainly would have won a governing majority

这是Twitter的选举在不止一个方面。 在他们的总统选举投票本周,意大利人都非

常清楚显示社交媒体如何捕获和瘫痪的民主,因为它测量的趋势也许更准确地比传统工具,如投票。但首先,我们处理的一个不正常的民主国家的崛起,令人震惊的确认最终的选举结果.. 几个月前,中心离开后,得意地假设它的优势,选择了舒适的党的战马挑中公然操纵主联盟的总理候选人。 作为一位现代主义者也威胁着旧秩序的惠顾和升迁的佛罗伦萨,利玛窦壬子,布莱尔,布朗,克林顿式的人物,这位38岁的市长被封锁,他几乎肯定会赢得执政占多数。

Politics about china,news from guardian, has executed four foreign prisoners for murdering a crew of Chinese sailors on the Mekong river after a live television broadcast showed them being lead to their death. The men were convicted of murdering 12 Chinese sailors in northern Thailand near the Golden Triangle, a lawless area bordering and Laos, in October 2011. I think [the broadcast] is compatible with what the government wants – to show the Chinese people that the government is serious about protecting them within the country and outside," said Shi Yinhong, a professor of international relations at Renmin University in Beijing. The court said that it would hand over the prisoners' remains to their relatives and relevant consulates, state media reported. 中国已处决了四名外国囚犯谋杀一名中国船员船员湄公河电视直播后,表明他们是导致其死亡。杀害12名

定罪。“我认为[广播]是政府想要 - 显示了中国人民,政府是认真的保护他们在国内和国外的兼容,说:”在北京中国人民大学国际关系教授时殷弘说,这些囚犯被判处死. 法院表示,将移交囚犯的遗体,他们的亲属和有关领事馆,国家媒体报道。

After three piece of political news. let’s enter the economic topic.News from The economist, (Beware the middle-income trap) China‘s leaders are usually shy of telling things as they are, but the prime minister, Wen Jiabao, put it bluntly when he described China's economy in 2007 as ―unstable, unbalanced, unco-ordinated and unsustainable‖. Some foreigners may extol China's handling of the global financial crisis, but Mr Wen has stuck to his guns. The phrase even crops up in China's recently adopted five-year economic plan, standing out as an indirect admission of the failings of his own administration and as a marker for the next..For all its problems, China in the coming 10-15 years is still likely to reach several symbolic milestones. The IMF predicts that in 2016 it will become the world's largest economy on a purchasing-power-parity basis. The Economist Intelligence Unit, a sister organisation of this newspaper, reckons that on the basis of market exchange rates China will attain that glory in 2020. By the end of this decade, according to Daiwa Securities, GDP per person in Shanghai, China's richest city, could be almost the same as the average for America in 2009. Some worry that China could be approaching a Japanese-style crisis: a boom in exports and investment along with bubbly property markets, followed by many years of stagnation. In China's case the added sting would be that it has not yet got rich. Officials and experts debate endlessly whether the country is slowly heading towards a ―middle-income trap‖. China was already a lower-middle-income country last year, with a GDP per person of around $4,400. The fear is that it might suffer the same stagnation and turbulence as Latin American economies in the 1980s and 1990s.


.对于所有的问题在未来10-15年,中国仍然是可能达到几个象征性的里程碑。IMF预测,在2016年将成为世界上最大的经济体,在购买力平价基础。经济学人信息部,一个妹妹本报组织的估计,市场汇率的基础上,中国将在2020年实现这一荣耀。.到本十年末,根据大和证券,在上海,中国最富裕的城市,人均国内生产总值可能在2009年美国的平均水平几乎相同。一些人担心,中国可能会接近日式危机:一个繁荣的出口和投资以及气泡的房地产市场,其次是多年的停滞。 在中国的情况是,它刺痛尚未得到丰富。 官员和专家辩论不休该国是否正在慢慢走向一个―中等收入陷阱‖。 中国已经是一个中等偏下收入国家,去年国内生产总值每人约4400美元的。 令人担忧的是,它可能遭受同样在20世纪80年代和90年代的拉美经济停滞和动荡。

News about US. From the economist, The insured and the unsure. IF YOU like your health-care plan, you can keep your health-care plan.” That was what Barack Obama promised, time and again, to voters nervous about his plans to shake up America’s health-care system. It was an empty promise; In 2014 the main provisions of Obamacare will come into force. The biggest uncertainty is whether the law will prompt employers, which currently provide most working Americans and their families with health insurance, to stop doing so. Surveys suggest most firms that currently provide their staff with insurance will not drop it straight away. But some will. And even for those that keep insurance, big changes are inevitable. Ever since, it has been much cheaper for employers to offer staff a dollar of health insurance than a dollar of wages. So they have poured money into health plans, the price of which has doubled in the past decade. The average cost of covering an employee at a large firm with a family is a hefty $15,745 a year, ―如果你喜欢你的健康保健计划,你可以保持您的健康保健计划。‖这是奥巴马承诺,并再次,他的计划动摇了美国的医疗保健系统的选民紧张。 这是一个空洞的承诺. 在2014年的ObamaCare的主要条款将生效。 最大的不确定性是法律是否会促使雇主,目前工作的美国人和他们的家庭提供健康保险,停止这样做。 调查表明,目前员工提供保险的大部分公司不会马上把它。 但有些人会。 即使对于那些保持保险,大的变化是不可避免的, 以来,它一直为雇主提供员工的工资不到一美元一美元的健康保险便宜得多。 所以他们将资金投入健康计划,其价格在过去十年增加了一倍。 覆盖与家人在一家大公司的雇员的平均成本是一个沉重的15745美元一年.

The Associated Press News ,About Samsung and Apple, The two biggest — and bitterest — rivals in the smartphone market will have to endure another bruising trial after a federal judge ruled that jurors miscalculated nearly half the $1 billion in damages it found Samsung Electronics owed Apple Inc. for patent infringement., Koh said jurors in three-week trial had not properly followed her instruction in calculating some of the damages. She also concluded that mistakes had been made in determining when Apple had first notified Samsung about the alleged violations of patents for its trend-setting iPhone and IPad. Apple is seeking more damages and Samsung a complete dismissal of the case in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the Washington, D.C.-based court that handles all patent appeals. The new trial to recalculate the damages could also increase the award. Samsung has emerged as one of Apple's biggest rivals and has overtaken it as the leading smartphone maker. Samsung's Galaxy line of phones run on Android, a mobile operating system that Google Inc. has given out for free to Samsung and other phone makers. Apple and Samsung have filed similar lawsuits in eight other countries, including South Korea, Germany, Japan, Italy, the Netherlands, Britain, France and Australia.

两个最大的 - 痛苦 - 在智能手机市场上的竞争对手将不得不忍受另一个青紫试验后,一位联邦法官裁定,陪审团失算了近一半的$ 1亿美元的赔偿金才发现,三星电子公司欠苹果公司专利侵权。Koh说,在为期三周的审判的陪审员没有正确地跟在她后面的损害赔偿计算指令。苹果公司正在寻求更多的损害和三星解雇的情况下在美国上诉法院联邦巡回上诉法院,华盛顿特区的法院处理所有专利上诉。 新的试验重新计算的赔偿,也可以增加奖励。三星已经成为苹果最大的竞争对手之一,已经超过了它作为领先的智能手机制造商。 三星的Galaxy系列的手机运行在Android上,一个手机操作系统,谷歌公司已经给出了三星和其他手机制造商免费。苹果和三星已在其他八个国家,包括日本,韩国,德国,意大利,荷兰,英国,法国和澳大利亚提出了类似的诉讼。

Next. let’s turn our eyes to culture. Recently a movie names Odyssey is very hot in China. millions of people are keen to theatre to watch this film directed by Stephen Chow .It’s estimated that this movie gained more than 1.09 billion yuan. Perhaps the actors are the main powerful attraction that fans want to pay for the tickets, wenzhang and shuqi ,both are famous actors in China and both have influence on young people’life,besides .luck time is also a reason why this movie so hott, during Spring festival ,Chinese people have plenty of time and it’s a suitable to relax themselves,

watching movies is a good idea., Odyssey broke the record ,that the fastest speed gain the highest box office within one day.the first day it gained 76.8million yuan. that’s the highest number and fastest speed among movies produced in China,only second to the transformers 3 almost 100 million yuan .successfully exceed Titanic’s 73million yuan in one day. that’s a inspirable thing and beat other imported movies.while, It’s Appraise come came to be variety, some people think it’s a good movie and worth waching.but other think it’s a little scared, the points show in Mtime is 7.6 points. Neither high nor low ,just ordinary ,anyway, it’s a movie worth talking,wether you like it or not,.by the way. have you seen it in the theatre ?

Ok, after so much news reported,this term of our program is time to

end.If you have any advice or suggestions welcome to email us, happy time is always short,here I have to say goodbye to you ,let’s make it the same time next week,same time.same address. Anthony Lee always here,in the end, you will hear .an English song ,that’s I select to all of yuou, hope you like it.,bye

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