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Alice and Tom wanted to do something for their mum for Mother’s Day. They knew that mum likes flowers, so they wanted to buy her some flowers. Then they thought that mum likes something sweet and they could buy some candies for her.

“ These things are nice, said Alice,"but they will not last (持续) long.” Alice ran to her room and came back with crayons, paper, glue and scissors. They began to work. When they finished their work, they had a piece of beautiful paper.

On Mother’s Day, Alice and Tom came into mother’s room. “ Happy Mother’s Day, Mum.” Then they gave their present to mum.

It was a piece of beautiful paper. On it were some nice flowers and these words: Every day is Mother’s Day. We love you.

Mum was very happy. She said she would keep it forever.

Mrs Brown likes to ask her husband to go shopping with he on Saturdays. Her husband pays for the things that she buys. Now they are in the shop.

“Look, is it a fancy hairdryer?” Mrs Brown asks his husband.

“All right. And how much is it?” he answers and gives money to the shop assistant. When Mrs Brown asks him about something good or bad,

he often says “ All right. And how much is it?” to her.

At about nine in the evening her husband is tired and thirsty, and he wants to have a drink. Suddenly his wife looks up at the moon and says, “Look, is the moon so beautiful?”

“ All right. And how much is it?” her husband answers quickly.

Once(从前) a man stole(偷) one of Washington’s horses. Washington went with a policeman to get back the horse. But the man didn’t give the horse to Washington. He said it was his horse. Washington put his hands on the eyes of the horse and said to the man. “ If(如果) this is your horse, you must tell us in which eye he is blind(瞎的).” “ In the right eye!” the man said. Washington took his hand from the right eye of the horse and showed the policeman that the horse was not blind. “ Oh, I made a mistake(弄错了),” said the man. “ He is blind in the left eye.” Washington then took his hand from the left eye of the horse. It was not blind in the left eye, either(也不). “ I made another mistake(又弄错了),” said the man. “Yes,” said the policeman, “ and you know the horse is not yours. You must give it back to Washington.”

Mike is a lovely school boy. He likes playing football very much. He often plays football with his classmates after school, but he never goes home too late. He usually gets home between 4:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. One day he comes back home late, so his mother says, “ You come back home late today, Mike!”

“ Yes, we have got a new teacher. He teaches us Maths.” Mike answers. “ How is he?” His mother asks. “ I don’t know, I think I can’t believe him.”

“ Why?” his mother says.

“ In today’s Maths class, one moment he says two and three is five. But the next moment he says one and four is five.” Mike answers.

Dear John,

I saw your name in the newspaper. You asked for a penfriend in China. I would like to be your penfriend.

I am twelve years old. I live in Shanghai. I am a student at Pudong Primary School. We study Chinese, English, Maths, Science, Art, PE and

some other subjects. My favourite subjetcts are PE and Maths. I like playing basketball with my friends after school. I like collecting stamps, too. I have a lot of beautiful stamps. I will finish primary school soon and go to middle school.

I’d like to know everything about you. Please write to me soon. My e-mail address is .

Best wishes,

Gao shan

I’m Kate. Emily is my little sister. She is only five years old. She is very lovely. She can play the piano very well. She likes drawing very much, but she is very bad at drawing.

One afternoon, my mother gave her some piece of paper and crayons. She asked Emily to draw an animal. “ No problem! I will finish the job soon.” said Emily with a smile. Then she went into her bedroom and drew the picture quietly and carefully. Mother and I stayed in the kitchen and cooked some nice food. Dad’s favorite food is fish. Mother likes meat

and sweets very much, so she is very fat. My sister and I like sweet food best.

It took her three hours to finish the picture. But she was unhappy when we looked at it. “What a cute panda!” my mother said happily. “ But I don’t like pandas. I don’t want to draw a panda. I want to draw a bear!” answered Emily, almost cried.

Many Chinese people have a good time during the Chinese New Year. It usually comes in February. Each year gets a name. It may be called the year of the Dog or the year of the Monkey instead of (代替) 1970 and 1980.

Usually there is dragon(龙) dance in the street. The dragon is a stranger(奇怪的) animal about 20 feet (英尺) long. It is made of paper and cloth(布). Men hide(藏) under the dragon, and make a lot of noise by shouting and laughing. There are always a lot of firework(烟火).

Mrs Harris lives in a small village. She has a son. He is 21 and his name is Geoff. He worked in the shop in the village and lived with his mother, but then he had a new work in a town and went and lived there. It was very far from his mother’s village, and she was not happy about this , but Geoff said, “ There isn’t good work for me in the country, Mother, and I can get a lot of money in the town and send you some every week.” Mrs Harris was very angry last Sunday. She got on a train and went to her son’s house. Then she said to him, “ Geoff, why do you never make a telephone to me?” Geoff laughed and said. “ But, Mother, you don’t have a telephone.” She answered, “I don’t have, but You have one!”

One day Mr. and Mrs. White went shopping by car. They stopped their car near a shop. They bought(买) a lot of things and they wanted to put the things into the car. But Mr. White couldn’t open the door of the car, so they asked a policeman to help them. The policeman was very friendly. He started to open the car for them. Just then a man came up and shouted(喊), “ What are you doing with my car?” Mr. and Mrs. White had a look at the car’s number and they were frozen(惊呆了) there. It wasn’t

their car.

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