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s t __ m __ the UN b __ i __ d __ n g r __ s t __ __ r __ __ t

k a __ g __ r __ __ __ o __ k s __e__ f

二、 选出不同类的单词。(5%)

( ) 1. A. thousand B. kilometre C. million

( ) 2. A. America B. England C. Chinese

( ) 3. A. book B. panda C. rabbit

( ) 4. A. jump B. drank C. run

( ) 5. A. milk B. juice C. bamboo

三、 单项选择。(10%)

( ) 1. Yao Ming is 2.36 metres _________.

A. long B. short C. tall

( ) 2. I’m going to ________ a present to my friend.

A. for B. give C. gave

( ) 3. Where _______ you _______last Monday?

A. did; go B. did; went C. do; went

( ) 4. I haven’t got ________ stamps from America.

A. some B. a C. any

( ) 5. The Thanksgiving is ______ November.

A. on B. in C. at

( ) 6. Laura can ________ some ___________.

A. speaks; Chinese B. speak; Chinese C. speak; China

( ) 7. A fox sleeps ________ the day and is _________ at night.

A. at; awake B. in; wake C. in; awake

( ) 8. Amy often _________ her mum.

A. helps B. helping C. help

( ) 9. --Do you like ________ basketball?

--Yes, I do.

A. play B. playing C. played

( ) 10. It’s fun _______ play this way.

A. at B. of C. to

四、 情景会话:将Ⅰ、Ⅱ两栏的对应问答连线。(5%)


1. What did you do yesterday? A. Yes, I am.

2. How old is it? B. It lives in the tree.

3. Are you from Canada? C. Pleased to meet you, too.

4. Where does it live? D. I went swimming.

5. Pleased to meet you。 E. It’s more than two thousand

years old.

五 连词成句,请注意首字母与标点。(10%)

1. much so don’t noise make


2. it make wants in to peace world the


3. messy in we a play can’t room


4. says it are deaf snakes


5. some she speak can English


六、 阅读对话,判断正‘T’误‘F’。(5%)

Mum: Where’s Jim?

Dad: He’s in the bed.

Mum: What’s the matter with him?

Dad: He is ill.

Mum: We must call the doctor.

Dad: Yes, we must.

Mum: Can you remember the doctor’s telephone number?

Dad: Yes. It’s 09754.

Doctor: Open your mouth, Jim. Show me your tongue, and say “Ah”.

Dad: What’s the matter with him, doctor?

Doctor: He has a bad cold, so he must stay in bed for a week.

Mum: That’s good news for Jim.

Doctor: Good news? Why?

Dad: Because he doesn’t like school.

( ) 1. Jim is at school.

( ) 2. Jim is ill.

( ) 3. The doctor’s telephone number is 09745.

( ) 4. Jim has a bad cold.

( ) 5. It is bad news for Jim.


The Blacks live at 87 King Street. In the morning, Mr. Black goes to work and his children go to

school. Their father takes them to school every day. Mrs. Black stays at home every day. She does

the housework. She always eats her lunch at noon. In the afternoon, she goes to see her friends.

They often drink tea together. In the evening, the children go home from school early, and Mr. Black goes home from work late. At night, the children do their homework. Then they go to bed. Mr. Black often reads newspaper, but sometimes he and his wife watch television.

1. Where do the Blacks live?


2. Who takes the children to school?


3. What does Mrs. Black do in the afternoon?


4. Who goes home late?


5. What does Mr. Black often do at night?


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