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一, 写出下列单词相应的形式(2*10=20)

1. get (过去式)______ 2. win(过去式)________

3. do (现在分词)______ 4. do(过去式)_________

5. light(反义词)_______ 6. small(反义词)_______

7. child(复数)_________ 8.finish(单三)__________

9. his(名词性物主代词)____________

10. my(名词性物主代词) ____________


1. You shouldn’t _____ late.

A. come B. be C. go

2. I went to __________school..

A. Sam and Amy’s B. Sam’s and Amy’s C. Sam and Amys

3. This is _______ English school.

A. a B . the C. an

4.It ________at half past 3.

A. finishes B. finishs C. finish

5. She ______ speak then.

A. can’t B. couldn’t C. do

6.There is a TV show ______ dogs.

A. about B. for C. to

7.Zara go out ( ) play.

A. in B. on C. to

8. You shouldn’t take the books_____the shelves.

A. over B. off C. of

9.Thanks_______your help.

A. for B. to C. on

10.He _______thirty-three points yesterday.

A. get B. getting C. got 三,连词成句(2*1=5)

1.CDs, you, the, shouldn’t play with ___________________________________________.

2. matter the what is


3. in China we sit lines in


4. only he to wants play


5. run fast you can



1. It’s an invitation______ my birthday.

2. There weren’t _______swing here before.

3. I play toys _______ Amy.

4. We are going ______ go to the park.

5. Mum make a cake for _________

五,阅读理解,并判断对错 (2*5=10)

Mr Black has two cats . One is big and one is small. He likes them very much. One day his good friend Mr Green comes to see him. He is very surprised. (惊奇)He finds there are two holes in the door, a big hole (洞)and a small one. He says, “My dear friend, why are there two holes in your door ?” “ To let them in and out.” Mr Black answer. “ But why are there two holes?” asks his friend. “How can the big cat go through (通过) the small hole ?” he asks.

( )1. Mr Black has________.

A. two small cats B. two big cats C. a big cat and a small one

( ) 2. Mr Green comes to see _______.

A. Mr Black B. Mrs Black C. the cats

( )3. Mr Black wants the _____to go through the two holes.

A. a dog B. two cats C. the small cat

( ) 4. Mr black think the big hole is only for_______.

A. the small cat B. the big cat C. the two cats

( )5. ________is not necessary.(必要的)

A.The big hole B. The small hole C. The big door

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