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1、I’m ____________ (口渴). I want to drink some water.

2、She often ________________(收拾) her room.

3、The river is ten ____________ (千) li long.

4、Do you ________________ (收集) stamps?

5、 __________________(袋鼠) like jumping.

6、I want to ________________(选择) a shirt.

7、The old __________________(大楼) is our library.

8、What’s this _______ ________________ (用英语说)?

9、The UN________ ____ _______ _________(想要保持和平)in the world.

10、Please __________ ______(写给) me soon.

11、There are _____ __________ _____(许多) children in the park.

12.、 ____________ _______(看)this photo, I was six years old then.


( )1、Please stand ________ a line at the bus stop.

A.on B.in C. at

( )2、A fox in the day and is awake at night.

A. sleep B. sleeping C. sleeps

( )3、I ______ to a library yesterday.

A. go B. going C. went

( )4、Look! This is a photo ______ the Great Wall.

A. off B. of C. in

( )5、These ______ some stamps from Canada.

A. are B. is C. am

( )6、Does Xiaoqiang like playing football? _____

A. Yes, she doesn’t. B. Yes, he does. C. No, I


( )7、I _____________ got ___________ books about


A. haven’t , some B. has , any C. haven’t , any

( )8、Chinese food is quite ______________ from

American food.

A. special


( )9、Yao Ming is 2.26 metres ________. He can play

basketball very well.

A. high B. far C. tall

( )10、It’s fun ______________English.

A. to learn B. learn C. learnt

三、情景反应。连一连。 B. different C.

1、How long is the Great Wall? A、I like painting .

2、Have you got any stamps from China? B、Yes, I have.

3、What do you like doing ? C、I often help my mum.

4、What do you do at the weekend? D、It’s on the 25th of December.

5、When is Christmas? E、It’s 5000 kilometres long.

四、 根据所给语境选择恰当单词补全短文,并将序号填入横线上。

My name’s Laura. I’m from New York. It’s a very big ________. I love China.

I like Chinese food and I’ve got some Chinese ________. But we don’t use chopsticks in America. Because they are ________ for us. Here in America, our school starts at nine o’clock in the morning. It __ at half past three in the

afternoon. What time do Chinese schools start and finish? Can you________ my questions?


Simon: Hi, Laura. This is my new friend, Lingling. She’s from China.

Laura: Pleased to meet you.

Lingling: ___________________.

Laura: _______________________?

Lingling: No. I’m visiting my grandpa.

Laura: I love China very much. ________________. Can you help me?

Lingling: Of course! I’ve got a friend in China. Her name’s Lanlan.

She can tell you more about China.


Great! ____________________?

Lingling: Yes. Here is her address.

Laura: Thank you very much.

Lingling: _____________________.


My name is Li Fang. I’ve got a new friend. Her name is Linda. She lives in New York. Linda is eleven years old. She likes playing chess. My hobby is playing chess, too. She often goes to school by bus. Her mother is a doctor. She walks to work. Her father is a teacher. He goes to work by car. Every evening Linda does her homework at home. Her mother watches TV and her father reads newspapers. Linda is in England now. She will come to China soon. I’m very excited.

( )1、Linda is a Chinese girl.

( )2、Linda’s father is a doctor.

( )3、Linda’s father reads newspapers in the evening. ( )4、Linda’s mother goes to work by bus. ( )5、Li Fang also likes playing chess.


一、thirsty , tidies , thousand , collect , Kangaroos , choose , building ,

(注意 :共计20个单词,其中画有“—”的4个单词如果没有形式的变化将扣0.5分, 其余单词必须完全拼写准确方可得1分。)

二、(1×10=10分) BCCBA BCBCA

三、(2×5=10分) 1----E ,


四、(1×5=5分) CADEB

五、(1×5=5分) DEBCA

六、(2×5=10分) F F T F T

2-----B , 3-----A , 4----C ,

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