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brush the horse 刷马

milk the cow

pick apples


water the garden 给花园浇水

feed the pigs 喂猪

gather eggs 收集鸡蛋

harvest the corn 收获庄稼

feed the pigs pick apples milk the cow gather eggs harvest the corn water the garden brush the horse

Let’s learn
Li Shan: Hi, Su Nan! How are you? Su Nan: I feel much better. Thank you. What did you do at the weekend? Li Shan: I went to my uncle’s farm with some friends . Su Nan: Oh, that must be intersting! Li Shan:Yes, of course. We helped Uncle Wang pick apples and feed the pigs.

After lunch, wemilkedthe cows andbrushedthe horses. We finished all
the work before we left.
Su Nan: How exciting! I want to go

to the farm, too . Li Shan :Really?Whynot go with us
next Saturday? Li Shan: Great!

1.让我们一起去收鸡蛋吧! gather Let’s_____ (pick/gather) eggs together. 2.我们上周看了一场激动人心的足球比赛。 We saw an exciting _____ (exciting/excited) football match last week. 3.下次争取做得更好些。 Try to do better(well/ better) next time. ____ 4.交卷之前仔细核对一下。 Check the paper carefully___ (before/ after) before you hand it in. 5.我不知道怎样喂牛。 I don’t know ____ (what/how) to feed the cow. how


1.完成所有工作后我们快乐地离开了。 We leaved happily after we finished all the work 2. 周末我在挤牛奶。 I milked the cow at the last weekend. 3. 明天你为什么不和我们一块去那儿呢? Why not going there with us tomorrow? 4. 这件蓝色的毛衣看起来比那家绿色的好。 This blue sweater looks good than green one. 5. 这则消息激动人心。我们都非常喜欢。 The news is excited. We all like it very much.

of course finish the work
完成工作 为什么不 当然

at the weekend much better
Why not

在周末 好了很多

1、Copy each words 4 times. 2、Recite the dialogue. 3、Finish the excise book.

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