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1. 我在等去动物园的公共汽车。I am ________ ________ the bus to the zoo.

2. 他盼望着下周回家。He is ________ ________ ________ going home next week.

3. 烟瘾大的人需要更长的时间才能入睡。Heavy smokers take longer to ________ ________. 4. 在希望工程的帮助下,这些孩子现在可以继续上学了。

Now these children can go to school again ________ ________ ________ ________ Project Hope. 5. 英国人和美国人不但语言相同,而且有很多相同的风俗习惯。The British and the Americans ________ ________ speak the same language ________ ______share a large number of social customs. 二、句型转换。(5分)

1. I will buy him some gifts.(改为同义句) ________________________________________. 2.It’s time for school.(变为同义句)__________________________ 3.She ate noodles yesterday. (变为现在进行时态句子) _________________________________________

4.Jenny did her homework yesterday.(变为一般疑问句) _____________________________________________ 对划线部分提问)

________________________________________________________ 三、单项选择。(10分)

( )1. — _________ do you have an Art Festival in your school?

— Once a year. A. How long B. How often C. How far D. How soon

( )2. When you don’t know a word, you can _________ in the dictionary.

A. look it up B. set it up C. give it up D. pick it up ( )3. —Who helped Jessie with her English?

—_________, she taught herself. A. Anybody B. Somebody C. Nobody D. Everybody ( )4. — You look so healthy!

— Yeah, I like eating apples. An apple a day keeps the _________ away. A. teacher B. worker C. farmer D. doctor

( )5. There was a big earthquake in Japan, but luckily many people _________.

A. save B. saved C. are saved D. were saved ( )6. — May I take the magazine out of the reading room? — No, you can’t. You _________ read it here. It’s the rule. A. must B. would C. may D. might

( )7. — Amy, I called you yesterday evening, but nobody answered the phone.

— Oh, I _________ a walk with my mother at that time. A. take B. took C. am taking D. was taking

( )8. — What a new computer! Can you tell me _________?

— Just the day before yesterday. A. how much you paid for it B. how much did you pay for it C. when you bought it D. when did you buy it

( )9. — Have you seen the funny movie Let the Bullet(子弹)Fly?

— Yes, it made me _________ many times. A. laugh B. cry C. sleep D. sing

( )10. — You’d better not eat too much salt. It’s bad for your health.

—_________. A. Not at all B. You’re welcome C. It doesn’t matter D. Thanks for your advice

四、根据下列句子及所给汉语注释,写出空缺处各单词的正确形式,每空只写一词。(10分) 1. Everyone makes _________ (错误). Don’t worry. 2. Be careful not to _________ (浪费) paper.

3. In order to _________ (到达) at the airport in time, he took a taxi. 4. We all like to make friends with an _________ (诚实的) person.

5.You’ll need plenty of nerve (胆量) to sit _________ (在??旁边) him when he is driving. 五、完形填空。(10分)

It was the first week of the summer vacation. Dad said to Mike, “Charlie hurt his foot and can’t weeks. Can you work with on the boat?” Charlie was Dad’s helper.

Mum said, “We know you had plans with your friends, but Dad really needs your .”

“Sure, Dad, I would love to,” Mike replied. Dad and Mike left early the next morning. “Fishing is a(n) 4 job,” Mike thought. But he kept working. When he found they were more and more crabs (蟹), Mike was so excited. It was late afternoon when they returned home. Mum had dinner ready for them, but Mike was so tired that he went straight to bed.

The next morning Mike’s arms hurt a lot.him. The week(s) passed soon. Charlie came back to work. Mike enjoyed being out on the , so he asked, “May I come too?” Dad looked surprised and said, “Sure!”

They all jumped the boat and set off to the ocean. The rest of the summer would be great for the three of them.

( )1. A. play B. dance C. work D. study ( )2. A. him B. me C. us D. them ( )3 . A. love B. advice C. help D. friends ( )4. A. hard B. easy C. new D. old ( )5. A. selling B. buying C. eating D. catching ( )6 . A. still B. already C. never D. always ( )7. A. However B. Instead C. Actually D. Luckily ( )8. A. one B. two C. three D. four ( )9. A. train B. mountain C. ocean D. playground ( )10. A. onto B. down C. from D. over 六、书面表达(10分)

请以“My Summer Holiday”为题,运用所学知识写一篇短文,不少于十句话。 __________________________

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________

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