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1.What’s your name ?

2.How old are you ?

3.Which school are you in ?

4.Which grade are you in ?

5.Where do you live ?

6.Which class are you in ?

7.What’s your telephone number? 关于自己的房子、房间:

1.How do you like your house ?

2.Is your house big or small?

3.How many rooms are there in your house?

4.Do you like your bedroom?

5.What’s in your bedroom? 关于学校与班级:

1.What’s the name of your school?

2.Is your school big or small ?

3.How many grades are there in your school?

4.How many classes are there in your school?

5.How many pupils are there in your class?

6.Are there many trees or flowers in your school?

7.Where’s your teacher’s office? 关于家庭、家庭成员与亲戚:

1.How many people are there in your family? 1

2.What’s your father’s job?

3.What’s your mother’s job? 4 Do you have any brothers or sisters?

5.Are you the only child in your famlily?

6.Do you have a cousin ?

7.Is your father tall?

8.Does your mother have long hair? 关于时间、日期:

1.What time is it now ?

2.What day is it today?

3.How many days are there in a week?

4.What are they?

5.How many days are there in a year?

6.How many hours are there in a day?

7.Is today your birthday? 关于数字:

1.What’s twelve and twenty?

2.How much is zero and ten?

3.What’s two plus(加)forty?

4.Is fifty-five plus forty-five one hundred?

5.How much is your bag? 关于服装:

1.What colour is your coat?

2.Does your your mother have any sweaters?

3.Do you wear sport shoes?

4.Does your sister like new clothes? 2

5.Do you like T-shirt or white T-shirt? 关于动物:

1.Do you often go to the zoo?

2.What animals are there in the zoo?

3.What’s your favourite animal?

4.Do you like rabbits?

5.What colour is a panda? 关于食品和饮料:

1.What’s your favourite food ?

2.What drink do you like ?

3.Do you like drinking apple juice or orange juice?

4.How do you like fish?

5.What do you usually have for breakfast? 关于日常生活:

1.What do you usually do on Sunday and Saturday?

2.What time do you get up every day?

3.Do you go to the park with your parents?

4.What time do you go home in the afternoon?

5.What do you usually do after school?

6.Do you watch TV in the evening?

7.Do you go to bed late every day? 关于学校:

1.What time do you get to school?

2.How many lessons have you got one day ?

3.Do you study Japanese at school ?

4.What subjects are you studying ? 3

5.Do you often play games or sing songs in English classes?

6.What’s your favourite subject?

7.Who’s your English teacher? Do you like her? 关于体育运动:

1.What’s your favourite sport?

2.Do you take exercise every day ?

3.Do you have sports after school?

4.Do you like swimming?

5.Who’s your favourit sport star?

6.Please tell me something about Yaoming. 关于兴趣与爱好:

1.What’s your hobby ?

2.Are you good at playing the piano?

3.Does your father like fishing ?

4.Do you like shopping with your mother?

5.Does your English teacher like watching football? 关于能力: 1.Can you sing and dance well? 2.Can your father drive a car? 3.Can you make kites? 4.Can your family speak Chinese?




1.Did you get up early yesterday morning?___________________

2. What time did you have breakfast yesterday morning?__________________

3.How did you go to school yesterday morning?_________________________

4.How many lessons did you have yesterday?____________________________

5. where did you have lunch yesterday?______________________

6. Did you have sports yesterday?__________________________

7. what did yiu do after dinner yesterday evening?


8. When did you go to bed last night?________________________

9.Is your classroom the largest one in your school?____________________

10.Is your school the largest in your city?__________________

11.Is your bedroom larger than the living- room?_______________________

12.Is your classroom the most comfortable in your school?


13. Did you clean classroom yesterday?____________________

14. Is there a library in your school?_______________________

15.Who’s your hero and who’s your heroine?


16.Did you read a book about Robin Hood?___________________

17. Did you see a film about Sun Yatsen?_____________________


18. Do you want to be a great leader when you grow up?


19.Do you want to be famous?_____________________________

20. Can you name some famous leaders in the world?_____________________

21.When were you born?_________________________

22. Where were you born?________________________________________

23. Are you the only child in your family?______________________________

24. Who is the oldest in your family?_________________________________

25. Did your father live in another city before?________________________

26. What is your father’s job?______________________________

27. Do you love Guangzhou?______________________________


( )1. Welcome_______my garden.

A: on B: in C: to

( )2.The baby was always ____trouble.

A: on B: in C: at

( )3. ___the lady angry when someone picked her flowers?

A: Was B: Is C Will be

( )5. I hope the young trees will grow______.

A:well B: nice C: good

( )6. The ____ of the trees turn yellow in autumn.

A: leaf B: leave C: leaves


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