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Getting to know each other



1. 互相

2. 逐渐了解

3. 最喜欢的音乐

4. 欢迎会

5. 新生

6. 给新生的书

7. 棒极了

8. 帮助我学习中文

9. 我上海的家庭地址

10. 电话号码

11. 电子邮件地址

12. 家庭地址

13. 一些其他的课程

14. 等等

15. 你能告诉我你的名字吗?


1. What’s your ________________(nation)?

2. Linda is an ________________(Australia) student.

3. What’s his ________________(give) name?

4. We have a lot of after-school ________________(act).

5. Mr Smith is ________________(Britain).

6. Do you often go to the English Corner with your ________________(class)?

7. I’m looking at _______________ (me) in the mirror(镜子).



1. Does your school have a __________________ for new students every year?

2. I’ve got Mary’s e-mail address, so I will____________________ her


3. Li Hui studies very hard. He _______________________ all school subjects.

4. Bob is American. He _______________________ New York.

5. A: Can you help me with my English?

B: _______________________.

6. A: What are your favourite _______________________?

B: Playing ball games and _______________________.


( ) 1. A: What’s your nationality?

B: I’m __________.

a. China b. Chinese c. China’s

( ) 2. Bill is good at all school subjects. I want him to help me ______ my lessons. a. for b. in c. with

( ) 3. Some students ________ do their homework at weekends.

a. don’t b. doesn’t c. does

( ) 4. My brother is a junior high school student. He ________ very well. a. study b. studies c. studying

( ) 5. Sam ________ lunch at school.

a. hasn’t b. don’t have c. doesn’t have

( ) 6. Can you ________ English?

a. say b. talk c. speak

( ) 7. Linda ________ to school by bus. She usually ________ to school. a. doesn’t go; walk b. doesn’t go; walks c. don’t go; walks 2

( ) 8. I like to keep in touch with my friends ________ e-mail.

a. by b. on c. in

( ) 9. Mrs Li teaches ________ English.

a. Where’s b. What’s c. Where does

( ) 10. Mr Li teaches ________ English.

a. we b. our c. us


1. We live near our school.

否定句:_________________________________________________________ 一般疑问句:_____________________________________________________

2. Mr Smith comes from Britain.

否定句:_________________________________________________________ 一般疑问句:_____________________________________________________

3. I often surf the Internet at home.

否定句:_________________________________________________________ 一般疑问句:_____________________________________________________

4. Alice studies at Beijing No. 1 Junior High School.

否定句:_________________________________________________________ 一般疑问句:_____________________________________________________

5. Linda’s father and mother work in Shanghai.

否定句:_________________________________________________________ 一般疑问句:_____________________________________________________

6. Li Hui does his homework after dinner.

否定句:_________________________________________________________ 一般疑问句:_____________________________________________________

7. They have lunch at school.

否定句:_________________________________________________________ 一般疑问句:_____________________________________________________ 3


Alice: ___________________________________________________________ Jim: I’m Jim Green.

Alice: ___________________________________________________________ Jim: Jim.

Alice: ___________________________________________________________ Jim: Green.

Alice: ___________________________________________________________ Jim: I’m American.

Alice: ___________________________________________________________ Jim: I live at 248 Garden Street.

Alice: ___________________________________________________________ Jim: Shanghai International School.

Alice: ___________________________________________________________ Jim: I’m in Class Five.

Alice: ___________________________________________________________ Jim: 60312901.

Alice: ___________________________________________________________ Jim: It’s jim@163.com.

Alice: ___________________________________________________________ Jim: I often watch TV and surf the Internet.


1. English is his _______________(最喜欢的)subject.

2. I ______________________________(与我的同学保持联系)by telephone.

3. Can you _________________________________________(帮我补习功


4. I ______________________________(非常擅长于)music.


5. He ______________________________(住在) 1618 Beijing Road.


There are many different greeting customs in the world. People in America shake hands when they meet for the first time. Friends and family members often hug or kiss on the cheek when they see each other. And men often kiss women but not other men. In Korea, men bow and shake hands to greet each other. Women do not usually shake hands. In Chile, people usually shake hands when they are first introduced. When two women first meet, they sometimes give one kiss on the cheek. Women greet friends with a kiss, and men give their friends warm hugs or sometimes kiss women on the cheek.

( ) 1. Different countries have different greeting customs.

( ) 2.When Americans are introduced first to each other, they often hug each other.

( ) 3. American people shake hands when they meet friends.

( ) 4. Korean women don’t usually shake hands to greet each other.

( ) 5. Sometimes two Chilean women give one kiss on the cheek at their first meeting.


Dear Li Hui,

My name is Ann. I am a British student. I am glad to have you as my Net-pal. Now I’d like to tell you something about my school life.

I get up at 6:30 every morning. My school isn’t far from my home, so I go to school on foot every day. We have school Monday through Friday. We have the same classes each day. We have six classes a day, and each one lasts for 56 minutes. We get a ten-minute break between classes.

At school, we don’t have the same classmates for each class. It’s nice to have different people in each class. I like to make friends with some of them, but I would not like to see some others at all.


Would you please tell me something about your school life?


( ) 1. This is a letter _________.

a. from Ann to her friend in Britain

b. from Li Hui to his Net-pal in Britain

c. from Ann to her Net-pal

( ) 2. Ann gets up _______ half past six.

a. before b. at c. after

( ) 3. Ann doesn’t have classes _________.

a. on Saturday and Sunday

b. from Monday to Friday

c. on Monday or Friday

( ) 4. Ann _________ every day.

a. goes to school by bus

b. walks to school

c. goes to school in her father’s car

( ) 5. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

a. Ann loves all her classmates.

b. Ann has a 15-minute break between classes.

c. Ann likes to have different classmates in each class.


Li Wei is an eleven-year-old boy. His home _________ is 20 Moon Garden. He _________ at Shanghai No. 2 Junior High School. He is in Class One, _____ One. He is very _______ at Chinese. It is his favourite _________. _______ school, he plays sports. He often _______ basketball _______ his classmates. There are three people in his _______. His father is a doctor, and ______ mother is a teacher. They both love Li Wei very much, and he _______ them, too.


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